How Long Does Pot Stay in Your System?

There are many opinions on how long a drug stays in your system. People who frequently use drugs say there are many ways to cheat a drug test and clear out your system in a day or two. Others say drugs can stay in your system for many months. Who’s right How long does marijuana stay in your system? Is it 30 days or 3? Can pot simply be flushed out?

Test Smartly Labs did the research and here’s the consensus:

Results depend on how often and how much

If you frequently smoke pot, it’s not that easy to flush the drug out of your system. Traces of marijuana can be in your bodily fluids for up to 3 months after using. How often and how much you smoke will radically impact your drug test results. A more casual user can expect evidence to linger for a week or two… typically not more than 13-14 days.

THC enters your bloodstream immediately

Upon that initial high, THC (the chemical compound that gets smokers high) will enter your bloodstream, even though it’s most often inhaled. Hair and fingernail testing are good ways to discover pot usage because both hair and fingernails grow using blood supply, but urine tests are the best. Although THC hits the bloodstream immediately, it’s actually metabolized quickly and doesn’t stay there very long. THC turns into metabolites when processed by the body and these metabolites are detected in a urine drug test. Even if you eat pot brownies, the THC will still show up on a drug test.

Metabolism and exercise play a factor

When THC turns into metabolites, it gets flushed out through bodily fluids such as sweat and urine. Your body will flush out the marijuana chemicals stored in fat more quickly if you have a higher metabolism and lower body fat percentage. Exercise and drinking a lot of water may flush out THC quickly and reduce the amount of time the evidence is stored in your cells. However, drinking all the water and running a hundred laps won’t impact any traces of drugs found in your nails or hair.

Best Way to Pass a Drug Test

At the risk of being obvious, the best way to pass a drug test is to not use drugs. Choosing not to smoke pot isn’t a decision that you need to make right before you take the test; employers will hire and keep employees who are drug-free. Some employers require random drug screens after employees are hired. Many companies have good reasons to want their employees to be clean because drug-using employees have more accidents, health issues, and lack productivity. Don’t let drugs set you back from a successful career. Stop using today.

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  1. This was really informative, I had no idea that pot could stay in your system for up to three (3) months after you had smoked. Thank you for sharing.


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