You’ve Probably Employed a Drug User

Um, yes. We’re talking to you. If you’re in charge of hiring at a small/medium-sized organization or larger, statistically, you’ve most likely employed a drug user. How do we know? Well, because 73% of drug users are reportedly employed.

Seriously – 73% of Drug Users are Employed?


Statistics show, you've probably employed a drug user.

Yep – seriously. Only a quarter of individuals who report drug use are NOT gainfully employed. Which means that somebody out there isn’t performing background screenings or drug & alcohol testing for pre-employment. And actually, a lot of somebodies out there aren’t following proper protocols when it comes to keeping a drug-free workplace. We just hope that this doesn’t include any businesses in Lawrence, KS required to be DOT-compliant.

How to Prevent Hiring a Drug User

You might think that you’ve got a pretty good radar up when it comes to spotting a drug user. And sometimes that might be accurate. Looking for certain clues in appearance or mannerisms might give it away. A call to the applicants references is also a good way to tell. But until you’ve sent the applicant for proper drug & alcohol screening, you will never really 100% know. Luckily, our drug testing facility in Lawrence, KS can solve that.

Pre-Screening Applicants for drugs & alcohol

Before you even make that job offer, have your employees tested for drug use. DOT-compliant businesses must do this, but if you’re in an organization where it’s “optional,” seriously think about incorporating this practice into your standard hiring practices. It can protect you from loss of productivity. It can reduce your workers comp claims. And, it limits your liability. An affordable drug test from Test Smartly Labs for your future employee is a very wise investment.

Screening Employees for Drugs & Alcohol

Once you’ve hired an individual, it doesn’t mean you still can’t screen for drugs & alcohol use. Implement a drug-free workplace policy. Inform employees that screening will be taking place and continued employment is dependent on taking the test. Test Smartly Labs in Lawrence, KS also offers on-site testing so we can come to you.

It might initially seem like an extra hassle or time-waster to get employees screened for drugs & alcohol but statistics show it’s well worth it.

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