Why Your Workplace Should Be Doing Random Drug Testing

With new and powerful drugs increasing in popularity all the time and positive drug tests on the rise, fortunately it seems that many businesses are starting to catch on to the benefits of drug testing: a majority (58%) of businesses are conducting workplace drug or alcohol testing, according to a 2014 survey.

Still, not nearly enough are using random drug testing: 71% use pre-employment drug testing, 51% post-accident, and only 47% random testing (with reasonable suspicion testing also lagging troublesomely behind at 35%).

This is unfortunate because random drug testing can be the most effective form of workplace drug testing. Read on below to see why you should consider adding random drug testing to your workplace drug-free program!

Why Use Random Drug Testing

Random Drug Testing is an Effective Deterrent

According to a 2011 study from the Journal of Global Drug Policy and Practice, multiple studies have found that random drug testing is the greatest drug abuse deterrent. This makes sense, because employees obviously don’t know when random testing is coming, so they are less inclined to experiment with doing drugs or alcohol. Employees may be afraid that the substances will stay in their system for too long and show up when random drug testing is conducted.

Random Drug Testing Will Catch Users Pre-Employment Screening Doesn’t

Why Your Kansas City Workplace Should Be Doing Random Drug TestingIf you think relying on pre-employment screening is enough to keep your workplace drug-free, you’re wrong. First, this method doesn’t account for your existing workforce; no matter how well you think you know your employees, you could have drug users currently working for you. Also, employees can always take up substance abuse after they are hired, and pre-employment drug tests won’t catch that. Furthermore, applicants who know you conduct pre-employment drug testing can abstain from substance use a few days before the test is taken to ensure positive results.

In fact, for the most effective workplace drug testing program, you should use pre-employment and random drug testing. According to a 2007 study, employees whose workplaces used pre-employment testing or random testing alone were twice as likely to report marijuana use than employees whose workplaces used both pre-employment and random drug testing.

If You Don’t, Substance Users Will Work For You

Per a federal study, 40% of drug users employed full-time reported they were less likely to work somewhere that conducted random drug testing (compared to just 30% for pre-employment drug testing). This means if you don’t conduct random testing, drug users are more inclined to apply and work for you — and they’ll tell their friends who use, too. Word of mouth and online forums can spread the fact that you don’t use random drug testing, and more and more substance users may head your way.

Random Drug Testing for Your Kansas City Business

Make your workplace drug testing program more effective by adding a random drug testing component! Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can serve as your partner in conducting random drug testing. We offer convenient on-site drug testing services, making it easy for you to test your employees without disruptions or wasted time.

To learn more about random drug testing in Kansas City, call (816) 399-4597 today.

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