Why You Need a Professional Drug Testing Company for Your Workplace Testing

While your HR department is undoubtedly skilled in many things, DIY drug testing should never be one of them.

You might think that conducting your own drug testing program will help you save time and money compared to working with a professional drug testing company.

Though it’s true that handling your own drug testing might be a bit less of an upfront investment, going the in-house route can cost you majorly down the line.

Here’s why you need a professional drug testing company to conduct your workplace drug testing program.

Why Use Professional Drug Testing Companies

Ensure Your Legal Compliance

With drug laws and testing regulations changing, it’s important for your workplace to stay on top of legislation when it comes to your drug testing policies. You want to stay compliant with laws so that you don’t end up being penalized, whether it’s by the state or by a disgruntled former or would-be employee bringing suit against you.

With a knowledgeable professional drug testing company, you’re sure to be current on all drug laws, which protects your company against complaints and potentially costly legal action. Do it the right way the first time with a third party provider, and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of being non-compliant.

Prescription Drug Use Third Party Provider of Drug Testing in Kansas City

If your employees use prescription drugs, these will show up on drug testing results — and when you aren’t working with a professional drug testing company, you risk firing someone who is legally using a prescription.

When a professional drug testing company conducts drug testing and come back positive for drug use, then a medical review is initiated to see if a legally-prescribed medication triggered the positiver results. Managers or in-house employees conducting your drug testing don’t have the authority to order a legal medical review, and HIPAA forbids employers from making employees disclose what prescriptions they are taking. Thus, by conducting your own drug testing, you risk firing employees who are taking medications legally.

Objective Drug Testing

Using a professional drug testing company ensures that your drug testing is carried out thoroughly and fairly. If you choose to let your management team handle drug tests, you not only risk them mishandling or mixing up samples — you also risk them favoring or targeting your current or prospective employees. For example, if you are hiring for a position and the manager likes one candidate over the other, they might purposefully sabotage the drug test to ensure that their favorite is hired. Or managers might falsify reports for a current employee that they don’t like.

When you work with a professional drug testing company, you show employees that your drug testing process is anti-discriminatory.

Work With a Professional Drug Testing Company in Kansas City

Your drug testing program is too important to take on yourself. Ensure your company’s legal compliance while hiring the best of the best — work with a professional drug testing company that’s seasoned in chain of custody collections to ensure legal drug testing results. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North is the Northland’s solution for workplace drug testing programs. We can conduct your drug testing legally and work with Medical Review Officers to ensure that you don’t pass on worthy employees who are taking legal prescription medications.

To learn more about our drug testing services, call Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North today at (816) 399-4597!

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