Top 5 Seasonal Workers That Need Drug Testing

Not long ago employers didn’t make a practice of drug testing seasonal workers. However, drug testing is economical and mandatory testing makes sense because of the level of responsibility assumed by seasonal workers.

Remember, if you aren’t drug testing, word gets around — and you’ll be the one who ends up with substance abusers in your workforce, which means your employees are less safe and productive and you are more liable.

This drug testing policy doesn’t just apply to your full- or part-time workforce. This means seasonal employees, too. Here are five jobs for seasonal workers in which drug testing is particularly important.

5 Seasonal Jobs Requiring Drug Testing

1. Lifeguards

Whether they are at the beach, water park, or pool, lifeguards hold people’s lives in their hands. Their responsibilities bring them into contact with swimmers of all levels. Accordingly, it’s important for them to be alert and aware at all times while on duty. Drug testing — along with a sound drug-free workplace policy — will ensure that lifeguards can always function to the best of their ability and helps protect you, the employer, in case of a worksite accident.

2. Camp CounselorsOarhouse

Summer camp is a highlight for kids, and being a camp counselor is a fun job for seasonal workers. However, camp does have its share of hazards. From swimming in the lake to running into wild critters, it’s important for a camp counselor to always be on their toes. Routine drug testing makes certain they are up to the challenge, and that counselors are not at camp to have their own fun; instead, they’re there to make sure the kids are safe.

3. Child Care

Drug testing for seasonal workers in child care is an absolute must. While parents are working they need the peace of mind of knowing that their kids are in good hands. That means standing by a strict no drugs policy and conducting the testing necessary to guarantee a safe atmosphere.

4. Warehouse/Restocking Team Members

These types of jobs are ideal for seasonal workers. The work itself is tough, but the pay is good and there’s almost always a demand for employees in this sector. Of course, working in a warehouse can mean operating heavy equipment and dealing with massive pallets of products. Drug testing is essential.

5. Construction Crews

There’s good money to be made by seasonal workers in construction, but these jobs are notoriously dangerous. From slip and falls to operator errors with equipment, there is a world of hazards to watch out for. Knowing that employees are sober is a must.

Partner With Us for Seasonal Drug Testing

Too often, we hear employers say that they can’t conduct drug testing on seasonal employees for fear that they won’t be able to find anyone to hire. We’re here to tell you that this simply isn’t true. There are scores of hard workers out there waiting to be hired. You deserve a workforce that is safe, clear-eyed, and productive, even if they are only on staff for the summer. Reduce your liability and ensure workplace safety with Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North. We provide a range of testing, all methods (random, pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident) and types (cocaine, marijuana, synthetic drugs, prescription drugs, and more!), and even offer on-site and mobile testing.

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