Ten Tips for Motivating Employees

Staff morale is more difficult to measure than sales, yet the morale in your office is important to the success of your organization. The mental well being and happiness of your staff is important to your business since unhappy employees are more likely to be unproductive.

If you do not address the crisis of demotivated employees in the early stages, the company may incur costs later due to high turnover and inefficiency. However, motivating your employees does not necessarily cost much. Read on to learn how to apply basic principles of motivation to your workplace.

Top ten tips: how to motivate employees

1) Treat everyone as an individual

Understand that each employee has different needs. Get to know each employee and show that you understand them by understanding their personal situations.

2) Praise good work and offer feedback

Some employees prefer personal, face to face praise. Others appreciate public recognition of a victory or achievement. Don’t forget to show acknowledge the achievements of all sizes.

3) Lead by example

Productive teams need productive leaders. Show enthusiasm for new projects and your love for the job. Let the employees see that you put in the effort necessary to succeed. Remember, positivity breeds positivity. This is one of the best ways to motivate employees.

boss at office motivate employees

4) Encourage people to take a break

While an employee who doesn’t use their annual leave might look like a better deal for your company, everyone needs a break in order to realize their full potential. Encouraging people to take a break will show that you care about their personal wellbeing.

5) Offer benefits that increase morale

Sometimes it’s the little things that count. A simple and thoughtful gesture of appreciation shows you care. Plan events to thank your employees. Form groups and play games or have a barbeque. Employees appreciate even the smaller plans.

6) Give ownership to your team

New employees need guidance and clear instructions from you. After they settle, leave them to be instructed by junior officers and congratulate them. Allow them to work with little supervision in order for them to feel motivated and trusted.

7) Run a ”no blame” game

Don’t blame an employee when something goes amiss. Analyze the reasons and change whatever caused the problem. You won’t learn how to motivate employees if you start pointing fingers at employees. This will make them feel tense.

8) Improve communication

Communication is key. It is important to keep the communication channels clear at all times. Listen to their ideas while you also inform them on the company’s performance. Listening and acting accordingly is another great way to motivate employees.

9) Be flexible

Following company standards and policies is necessary. However, showing flexibility when appropriate is an excellent way to motivate employees. When you respect your employees, they’ll appreciate your efforts to promote their work-life balance.

10) Get the little things right

It is more influential to get the little things right than an occasional grand gesture. It’s easy to ignore the importance of basic things for a positive working environment. They include; maintained toilets, filtered water tap & kitchen facilities. They may not cost much but improves the employees living condition. Teach the junior officers on how to motivate employees.

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