Drug Testing Cocktail Cheats: Employers Watch Out

People want to have it all, drugs and a job. While drug use outside of work is a debated topic, anyone who is going to great lengths to hide their habit won’t be the best choice of employee. So the prospective employee can’t afford any of the hoaxes online like detox shampoos or dyed hair to beat follicle drug testing, so what do they do? Look around the kitchen!

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Nicotine Screening: What do you need to know?

Nicotine screening is a test used to detect the presence of tobacco in the body. Nicotine screening tests are commonly used by insurance companies to help determine premiums. Nicotine screening may also be used when a person enters a smoking cessation program. The testing determines compliance with the program. The testing is also used occasionally for court cases and before medical procedures.

Nicotine Screening Tests and Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use nicotine screening to check a prospect and to determine how much premium he or she will pay. A part of the Affordable Care Act dictates that insurance companies may charge smokers up to 50% more on their health premiums.

Nicotine Testing Methods

There are three ways to conduct nicotine screening. The most common is a urine test, which checks for the presence of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine that is found in the body after exposure to nicotine. The other common test is the saliva test. The hair test has the ability to detect nicotine up to 90 days since the last exposure to nicotine. Each type of test is used for different reasons. Continue reading “Nicotine Screening: What do you need to know?” »

Speeding Up Lawrence, KS Drug Screening With eScreen

Just weeks ago, we moved into Lawrence, KS and have loved getting to know the business community. While you’d think we came here to meet the students (well … that was part of the reason) we actually also came because of the great economy and business community of Lawrence, KS.


We can easily, quickly and efficiently screen your job candidates and employees for drug use right here in Lawrence, KS!

As a partner to many businesses in Kansas City, we’re thrilled by the opportunity to bring employee drug testing and employee background screening closer to home for many Lawrence businesses. No longer do you have to send employees to complex hospital systems, or 30-minute drives to the “big city” for a simple urine test. We’re literally down the street.

Urine Testing Job Candidates in Lawrence, KS

At our drug testing facility, we use a state-of-the-art technology that makes employee urine testing quicker than ever. We regularly use urinalysis to determine if job candidates have recently used drugs. This is still the most common background check method for drug use, although we also provide more advanced methods like hair follicle and fingernail screening.

Our process is very simple – and we offer testing on-site or walk-in to our collections facility. It usually goes something like this for those who come visit us at the lab:

  • You give your employee an order for a urine test (this can even be requested online with our technology)
  • The employee comes to visit us, gets an official collection cup and provides a sample in our “cheat-proof” restroom.
  • We take the collection and run it through our eScreen technology.
  • We can tell if the test is negative in 15 minutes.
  • If it’s not negative, we will send the sample on for further testing.
  • You immediately be sent results and the status of the test.

About eScreen

We use eScreen because of how fast you get your results back, and how little paperwork is needed. We understand that time is critical when making hiring decisions, so this technology advances our screening procedures. As the collection facility, eScreen lets us get faster-than-lightening results on urine tests. That way you will know within 15 minutes if your employee’s test is negative (which we’re all aiming for…) And if it’s non-negative, well we will get those results to you ASAP, too, after we send it for further testing.  Many of our clients love the efficiency of our process, and how easy it is to send in workers for initial and then follow-up drug testing.

Drug Screening Employees in Lawrence

It’s so easy to get your employees screened for drugs in Lawrence, KS now! Just call us and we’ll get you all set up!