You Can Now Purchase Urine OTC

Synthetic urine that is. On August 3rd, the Kansas City Star published a piece about synthetic urine being sold all around the KC metro area. This synthetic urine is meant to be a cheat for employee drug tests, but this pee isn’t fooling anyone anymore. Continue reading “You Can Now Purchase Urine OTC” »

Beat the Cheat: Processes to Stop Common Drug Test Cheats

A  simple online search for “drug test cheats” will yield a lot of misinformation. Many individuals and companies out there claim to know ways to cheat employment drug tests, and they share their “knowledge” on forums, answer engines, and ecommerce sites pedaling their drug cheat products.

As an employer, the proliferation of these drug test cheats might worry you. But when you’re partnered with a trusted drug testing expert like Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North, you don’t need to worry about any cheats slipping under our radar.

How do we catch drug test cheats? Here are the details.

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