Drug Testing Cocktail Cheats: Employers Watch Out

People want to have it all, drugs and a job. While drug use outside of work is a debated topic, anyone who is going to great lengths to hide their habit won’t be the best choice of employee. So the prospective employee can’t afford any of the hoaxes online like detox shampoos or dyed hair to beat follicle drug testing, so what do they do? Look around the kitchen!

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Beat the Cheat: Processes to Stop Common Drug Test Cheats

A  simple online search for “drug test cheats” will yield a lot of misinformation. Many individuals and companies out there claim to know ways to cheat employment drug tests, and they share their “knowledge” on forums, answer engines, and ecommerce sites pedaling their drug cheat products.

As an employer, the proliferation of these drug test cheats might worry you. But when you’re partnered with a trusted drug testing expert like Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North, you don’t need to worry about any cheats slipping under our radar.

How do we catch drug test cheats? Here are the details.

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Beat the Cheat: Drug Test Cheat Myths & “Cheat Cocktails”

As drug test providers and collection specialists for employees and individuals, we have encountered a number of drug test cheat myths over the years. From detox shampoos, shaved heads, or dyed hair to “beat” hair follicle drug testing to attempted sample swaps during urine drug tests, we know how to bust drug test cheats.

Still, there are countless drug test cheat myths that never seem to die — and although some are harmless (although gross), others can actually be dangerous to your health. In particular, the “cheat cocktails” that people drink in their drug cheat attempts are worrisome.

Here’s the low down on these supposed drug test cheat and why they don’t work.

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