On-Site Employee Drug Testing: 4 Advantages

When you think of implementing a drug testing program at your workplace, you might balk at the logistics of having to send employees to get tested or setting up the appointments. However, sending your employees to a lab isn’t the only option for workplace drug testing. If you’re trying to decide on an effective workplace drug testing program, consider how on-site drug testing services would benefit your company.

Actually, on-site drug testing has quite a few advantages. Here are just a few:

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How a Cotinine Test Can Help Your Company Save Money

You’ve probably heard that drug and alcohol testing can save your business money. But did you know that drugs and alcohol aren’t the only substances that can have a negative impact on your office? Though it’s a legal substance, tobacco can have a bad effect on your workplace. With a cotinine test, you can save your company some of the costs associated with hiring a smoker.

Here’s what you need to know about nicotine testing in your workplace.

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Understanding the Difference: 5-Panel and 10-Panel Drug Tests

When you work in the drug and alcohol testing industry, it’s easy to forget that not everyone automatically knows what a “5-panel” drug test means. The “10-panel” test can be equally confusing. Test Smartly Labs works hand in hand with businesses throughout the Kansas City area, and we provide so many drug tests for those businesses that our drug testing panels are very familiar. If your business is establishing a drug testing program at your workplace or if you need to request a pre-employment drug test, it’s imporant to understand the difference between these two tests: Continue reading “Understanding the Difference: 5-Panel and 10-Panel Drug Tests” »