Successful implementation of a drug-free workplace program

So, you want to achieve a drug-free workplace. Implementing a drug-free workplace program can help. Using techniques and setting standards that involve and motivate staff is the key toward an effective and successful program.

According to the Alabama Department of Labor and Workforce Development, while drug-free programs go a long way in curbing and eliminating drug use at work, only 5 to 10% of small and medium-sized businesses actually use them as opposed to this almost 90% of large business have drug-free programs running and in place.

Successfully implementing a Drug-Free Workplace Program

on_site_drug_testingBusinesses that have effectively implemented these programs offer some suggestions listed below. In addition, our team at Test Smartly Labs in Lawrence has successfully helped clients implement drug-free workplace policies. Contact us if you need help getting your drug-free policy in place.

Careful Planning

Thinking things through is very important. There has to be clarity with regards to what goals are going to be achieved and the practices that are going to be set. Consult other employers. Gather thorough information about programs. Then choose a program and set rules that best suit your business.

Employee Involvement

When it comes to creating a drug-free workplace, employees are the main focus. They are the ones who have to follow the processes and their positive involvement and cooperation is imperative. So create programs that employees can encourage. This builds trust between you, the employer and the employee. It also goes a long way in contributing towards the success of the program.

Equal and Confidential

Make sure that the program is enforced uniformly and fairly. All policies and procedures should be clear and code of conduct should be equal. This is imperative in order to obtain employee support. Also, no leaks when it comes to confidentiality. It is extremely important that privacy is maintained between the employee and the employer. If an employee discusses anything with you in confidence, it should stay with you and never be discussed with anyone else.


Any drug tests performed need to be accurate. Mix-ups in such cases can be fatal to careers and extreme care needs to taken when collecting samples and conducting the tests. Also, labs should be reviewed in order to make sure that all lab technicians are fully trained. When you work with Test Smartly Labs, you’ll have no hassles or problems.

Drug-free policy creation can be a tiring and daunting task, especially if you don’t have a brand new business. But, it’s doable and worth the time and effort! Please let us know if we can help!

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