Stop Wasting Time On Unqualified Job Applicants

When you need to hire a new employee, the last thing you want to do is waste time. Posting a job opening online is one great way to get a large pool of applicants – and it’s another great way to waste time.

Especially if you don’t include the right information on the job description.

Here are some of our favorite tips for writing a job description that recruits the right person for the job.

For a great article on everything a good job description includes, check out this article by the U.S. Small Business Administration.

1. Include Key Responsibilities

Don’t be so general that the applicant is left to wonder the specific responsibilities of the job. Don’t go overboard either. The article How To Write a Standout Job Description on states:

List all of the essential functions of the position at hand. Generally, this includes between five and 10 responsibilities. Begin each responsibility with a present-tense, action verb — “research social media trends” or “mock up new UI graphics” are good examples. Be transparent about how frequently a task will be performed or what percentage of the employee’s time will be spent with each task. This helps applicants form an idea of what a typical day may look like.

2. Mention Physical Requirements

One HR guide used at Virginia Tech discusses how to talk about physical requirements. Some jobs involve heavy lifting and other responsibilities that require a certain fitness or mobility level. Their encouragement is to keep in mind:

These requirements should focus on WHAT needs to be accomplished and not HOW it is done.  The job may require moving and handling 50 pound bags of flour; however, a person in a wheel chair may be able to do the job with certain accommodations.  The individual does not have to lift the bag of flour but may use some other device to move the bag of flour.

3. Include Employment Conditions

Another important item to include in your job description is if you require pre-employment background screening and drug testing for workers. This doesn’t only help you enforce your drug-free workplace policy but it deters drug users (or those who cannot pass a background check) from applying for your job.

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4. Include Job Description Details

Many job seekers appreciate details. As they peruse the job openings, descriptions with details stand out amongst the others. Those looking for jobs want to know things like:

  • where the job is located
  • tools, programs and skills they need to do the job
  • salary range
  • application due date
  • direct report

By including many answers to some of the most common questions, you can recruit those who feel their qualifications meet your job description.

Writing a good job description is key to attracting and maintaining the right talent for your workplace. Even when it comes to keeping your workplace drug-free.

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