Sober Minders Keeping New York Executives off Drugs

High-powered executives in New York already have assistants to manage their calendar, house cleaning and personal finances. Now, they can add one more person to the payroll. New York executives are hiring “sober minders” to help them stay off drugs and alcohol, as reported by The New York Post.

Wall Street sign A position in disguise

The elite group of “sober minders” are not so obvious, though. These individuals act undercover for the leaders of top businesses in New York. They may pose as personal assistants, researchers or bodyguards, but their true role is a combination of adviser and counselor.

The sober minders allow top executives to work on curbing their addiction while maintaining their public image. These leaders are prominent in the public eye. They also face pressure from their peers and partners.

The bottle doesn’t just tempt them after work hours. Addiction can grip people even in the most professional of business settings. So, they hire coaches to keep them on track all day, every day. “Sober minders” disguise themselves to effectively guide their clients.

Growing need for Sober Coaches

Wall Street has always been a high stress environment, but it seems that the stress is driving more Wall Street employees to the bottle now. Psychologists in New York City reported a 35 percent increase in the number of referrals of Wall Street employees.

Most of these competitive CEOs can’t fathom the idea of leaving their business alone. For that reason, live in rehab stays are often out of the question. Some do choose special programs designed specifically for this group of high profile leaders. They are able to stay in confidence and escape periodically to meet with business partners.

Others, then, choose to stay at home in the big apple and hire a” sober minder” to stay on call 24/7.

Drug free programs for the rest of us

Hopefully your business isn’t under the same stress as those on Wall Street. However, we know that drugs and alcohol can find its way into any office. Check our post about planning for a drug free workplace? to see how Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City can help you prepare for a drug-free workplace. Give us a call at (816) 875-9301.

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