Schools to drug test high school students

It’s expected that professional athletes undergo drug testing before the big game. Same goes with the Olympians on TV right now, and even college athletes. (Go KU!) However one northwest Missouri district not too far from us is going to begin drug testing high school athletes before they can participate in extracurricular activities.

The school board in northwest Missouri approved a drug-testing policy in May that will randomly test students in seventh through 12th grades who participate in extracurricular activities.

This means that students can expect random drug testing if they want to go out for football, cheerleading or other activities and sports at school. The consequences?

A first positive test benches the student from extracurricular activities for 30 days, with a second positive test bringing a 90-day suspension.

Pretty serious stuff. Read the full article on “NW Mo. school district starts random drug testing” from KCTV5.


Should high school students be random drug tested?

Should We Drug Test High School Students?

According to the article, about 25% of other Missouri schools already perform random drug testing on students. In Kansas, handfuls of district school boards are weighing the same debate. The questions of civil rights and privacy come into play. Some don’t like the thought of forcing high school students to pee in a cup before hitting the court. Others don’t think the games can go on without it. The editorial staff of McPherson Sentinel quotes Shane Backhus, McPherson High School activities director, regarding drug testing in McPherson High School Students:

This decision is not a question of what is convenient. It is an issue of what is right. Deterring drug abuse is right. Helping students is right.

Random Drug Testing Deters Drug Use

While many districts place their policies in question and debate the pros and cons of drug testing students (and the value vs. benefits of its cost), one thing is undeniable: random drug testing deters drug use. Students that know they will be held accountable for their choices are less likely to abuse substances. Drug testing teens is one way to build in oversight to a growing population who continues to experiment with traditional and synthetic drugs. And while it may not solve the problem completely, it certain has proven to make a dent in its progress.

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  1. It seems like a good idea but might deter students from participating in extracurricular activities. Instead maybe they could just drug test students in general.

  2. I think this is a great idea for promoting sportsmanship and the right way to play. I think this will catch on with high schools all across the country.

  3. Drilling it into athletes and students that drug use will not be tolerated will be a good thing. I think they should implement this in schools across the country.

  4. This seems like it could be very beneficial in preventing drug use in students. But it doesn’t seem fair that only students participating in extracurricular activities should be subjected to these tests, why not all of the students?

  5. It would be a great idea to drug test students early on and let them know that it is not an option.

  6. This is an interesting idea. I can see the validity of the decision as it will lead to a safer sports environment and could potentially save unnecessary injuries.

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