Three Reasons You Need to Update Your Drug Testing Program Today

There are some things in life that will never change. Your workplace drug testing program shouldn’t be one of them. The drug testing program you used twenty, ten or even five years ago may no longer be adequate for your business’s drug testing needs today.

Here are three reasons you need to keep your drug testing program up to date.

Why Update Your Drug Testing Program?

1. So You Are Testing for the Popular Drugs in Your Current Location

Not all drugs are equally as popular in every part of the country. Make sure your drug testing program targets the drugs that are most popular in yours. For example, if your city currently has a Krokodil problem, you will want to make sure that your drug testing program includes it and is equipped to handle it. If synthetic drugs are popular or prescription drug overdoses are prominent, make sure your drug testing program covers them.

2. So You Are Correctly Following All Local Laws and RegulationsKansas City | Keep Your Drug Testing Program Updated

What is illegal in one area may just be legal in another. The greatest example of this currently is medical marijuana. Because the laws are not always consistent, because people transport drugs to new places, and because people from multiple locations often work together to avoid drug testing, it pays to know the laws both for your area and for the areas surrounding yours. This is particularly important for businesses that straddle state lines, like in Kansas City.

3. So You Stay Up-to-Date on Any New Drugs That Come Out

Drug dealers are manufacturing new drugs all the time. If your drug testing program does not yet include the latest drugs, your community will simply not be able to deal with the drug problem in your area. Whether it is synthetic drugs, prescription drugs or anything else, your drug testing program needs to stay up to date.

Update Your Drug Testing Program With Test Smartly Labs

If your business is spending money on drug testing, make those dollars count. Get rid of your old, outdated drug testing models and adopt a new drug testing system that will work for you, not against you. Drug testing is one area where frequent change should be embraced and encouraged. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can help you design and implement a current drug testing program that’s most effective. We provide comprehensive drug testing services, including testing for synthetic and prescription drugs.

To learn more about our drug testing services or workplace drug testing program assistance, call Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North today at (816) 399-4597!

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