Should Your Workplace Have a Happy Hour?

There are a rising number of companies that have a relaxed company culture which tend to include some sort of drinking, like a cocktail hour. However, there is a fine line between encouraging professional social mingling and basically having a party.  Continue reading “Should Your Workplace Have a Happy Hour?” »

Jobs With the Highest Instances of Drug Abuse

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Some industries have to deal with a higher rate of employees struggling with addiction. These could be jobs that don’t necessarily take precautions, like doing drug testing, against addicts becoming employed or are jobs that lead to substance abuse through access to drugs or work-stress. Continue reading “Jobs With the Highest Instances of Drug Abuse” »

Benefits of Workplace Cotinine Testing


Drug and alcohol testing is a no-brainer to test for in any pre-employment background check, but those aren’t the only substances your business should be testing for. Tobacco, like alcohol, is legal but it can have just as negative an impact on your workplace. A cotinine (nicotine) test can help your company decide on policies for employees that use tobacco or even reconsider hiring. Continue reading “Benefits of Workplace Cotinine Testing” »

Enforcing & Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Policy


According to The National Federation of Independent Business, 77 percent of illicit drug users in the U.S. are employed. That’s almost 10 million people so, chances are, one of your employees is one of those users. Drug and alcohol abuse is frequently overlooked because once an employee passes a pre-employment drug test it ceases to concern anyone.

Continue reading “Enforcing & Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Policy” »

Legalized Marijuana and the Workplace


Resulting from the election, more states have voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana. California, Nevada, Maine and Massachusetts now join 26 other states and D.C. in passing legalization laws in some form. With other states and more expansive laws sure to come, how are employers going to test for and handle employees using marijuana? Continue reading “Legalized Marijuana and the Workplace” »

Job Offers Revoked for Prescribed Medications


Drug tests are routine for new employees and people usually know whether they will pass it or not. A growing number of people are getting job offers revoked because their tests are coming back positive, but given no chance to explain their situation. Continue reading “Job Offers Revoked for Prescribed Medications” »

Preventing Overdose Fatalities for a Healthy Workplace


The number of drug overdose fatalities rises every year. According to the CDC, between 2000 and 2014 the number of opioid-related overdose deaths has nearly quadrupled; prescription opioids and heroin being the top culprits, and fentanyl has risen with other opioids since 2015. Pain drugs like oxycodone and fentanyl are particularly tricky because they can be found through prescription and on the street. Continue reading “Preventing Overdose Fatalities for a Healthy Workplace” »

Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace


Mental health and drug abuse problems affect most workplaces. How a company chooses their response to addiction says a lot about how they care for their employees. Many workers attend work instead of treatment because they fear they’ll lose their jobs.

Managers may also experience the same fears about mental health and drug abuse. They may think that talking about their problem jeopardizes their positions within a company. A response to addiction that works well for many companies is to provide mental health resources to employees who show mental health and drug abuse problems in the workplace. Continue reading “Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace” »

Recent Increase in U.S. Workers Testing Positive for Illicit Drugs


Recent data taken from millions of workplace-related drug tests shows that U.S. workers testing positive for illicit drug use is now at its highest level in a decade.

Detection of illicit drugs— ranging from marijuana to heroin to methamphetamine—increased both for the general workforce and the “safety-sensitive” workforce, which includes those operating large machinery such as truck drivers, pilots, subway engineers, ship captains and other transportation workers. Continue reading “Recent Increase in U.S. Workers Testing Positive for Illicit Drugs” »

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