More Than an Interview: Screening Processes That Diversify the Hiring Process

Employers are constantly challenged by the recruiting and hiring process. Determining the criteria for hiring is usually simple and straightforward, but deciding how to screen potential candidates is often a bigger challenge.

Refreshing yourself on the possible screening processes is valuable. Exploring new procedures keeps your company ahead of the recruiting game — as it helps you make the best hiring decisions. As you know, the employees help determine the success of the business.

hiring process screening

Below are a few screening processes that companies use to aid them in the hiring process.

Hiring Processes

1. Online assessment

Since we spend a significant amount of time online, there is a wealth of information about us on the various sites we use to browse and communicate. Many companies are now utilizing some form of online personality assessment. Some human resources departments review candidates social media presence with their consent. This form of a background check is becoming more common — third parties may often be involved, too. Legal counsel should be involved — any policy involving online social media screening should be written and communicated to the appropriate people.

2. Psychometric test

Companies often use psychometric tests when hiring for upper-level, executive positions. These tests are often costly, but their results can be telling. These personality tests help hiring managers identify the candidate who will best fit the open position. This method is based on the idea that matching the person to the job will benefit the candidate and the organization.

3. Talent assessments

Talent assessments are more directly linked to specific tasks and duties. These tests attempt to determine the potential hire’s performance. Online assessments are often used for quick and convenient testing.

Hiring Process: Precautions

When using any of the above processes, an organization should do the following in order to have optimal results.

  • Know the existing laws and make sure all policies are aligned with the legal requirements. If you’re including drug screening in your pre-employment process, make sure your processes meet the legal requirements. Test Smartly Labs can help.
  • Understand the needs of your business, department and positions so you can choose the appropriate evaluation for each open position.
  • Supervise any screening tests or evaluations.
  • Evaluate and review the effectiveness of different screening methods.

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