Monitoring Your Employees For Drugs & Alcohol

Remembering to feed the dog, straighten your tie, print the report for the meeting and get to work on time can be enough some days. So remembering which of your employees needs drug tested can just about put you over the edge. Small-to-mid size employers especially have a lot to juggle when it comes to human resources and managing everything that falls under that umbrella. Luckily, we make the drug & alcohol testing piece of things much easier when we come in.

Lawrence, KS Drug Screening for Employers


We take the task of monitoring your employees for drug and alcohol use off your desk and put it on ours.

We set up shop in Lawrence, KS to take the burden off of employers trying to wear all of the hats. From a small shop to a large employer, we can handle all aspects of drug & alcohol testing employees. Some may think of us only when it comes time for pre-employment testing (which we efficiently handle, too) – but other industries need routine employee monitoring. Industries especially need to be performing routine employee screening to limit liability. Employees are often the “front lines” of a business and must be trusted when it comes to representing the company, handling personal or private data, working with business equipment and more. That’s why you need to be routinely screening them for drugs & alcohol use, making sure employees are abiding by your drug-free workplace policy.

Remembering to Test Employees

We open accounts for several local Lawrence businesses and take the reigns of regular employee drug and alcohol testing. We even offer on-site testing and will come to you. You don’t have to ever try to keep track of who has been tested and who needs tested again. We’ll handle all of that for you with our systems. This often works hand-in-hand with our random name generation and consortium services for Lawrence-area businesses.

Put “find monitoring partner” on your to-do list and schedule a call with the Lawrence Test Smartly Labs today. Once you have an account with us, we’ll take it from there. We’ll help you cross drug & alcohol screening off your list so you don’t have to think about it again!

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