Mental Health and Addiction in the Workplace


Mental health and drug abuse problems affect most workplaces. How a company chooses their response to addiction says a lot about how they care for their employees. Many workers attend work instead of treatment because they fear they’ll lose their jobs.

Managers may also experience the same fears about mental health and drug abuse. They may think that talking about their problem jeopardizes their positions within a company. A response to addiction that works well for many companies is to provide mental health resources to employees who show mental health and drug abuse problems in the workplace.

Obtained discreetly, the services aim to assist with mental health and drug abuse problems so that company owners create a safer, healthier environment for all employees. If you have concerns about your response to addiction, perhaps it’s time to reconsider how you deal with the subject.

Depression tends to be a common mental health issue that employers deal with. There is no quick fix solution to it, either. Mental health and drug abuse tend to run hand in hand so people who feel depressed drink or do drugs to cope with their feelings which is why you need to choose a response to addiction.

Providing a response to addiction that is positive helps employees step out of the shadows and into a place where they feel respected and supported. Letting good employees go because they have a serious issue doesn’t help them recover quickly. Instead, it gives them a reason to slip further into their mental health and drug abuse problem.

Addressing mental health and addiction in the workplace is a wise move to make as it ensures that safety guidelines are being met, employee needs are not being overlooked, and that operations aren’t halted by an increase in absenteeism. Pre-employment drug screenings identify potential drug and alcohol abusers and give you, as a business owner, the option of proceeding with an applicant or hiring someone else in place of them. It gives you a response to addiction that protects your business.

To keep your workplace happy and healthy, consider drug and alcohol testing. If your business is in need of a reliable and accurate workplace drug testing program, please contact Test Smartly Labs today.

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