Marijuana And KU Basketball

It has been a rough past few months for Kansas Basketball.  The National Championship Game against Kentucky, at moments, was less than competitive.  Star power forward Thomas Robinson left school early to play pro ball with the Sacramento Kings.  Now, the team is in hot water because allegedly for the 2010-2011 season, members of the team were involved with a large-scale marijuana dealer.


According to the KCTV5 report:

“Assistant U.S. Attorney Terra Morehead told a federal magistrate during last week’s hearing that authorities seized $11,000 and an iPhone when they searched Villeareal’s (the alleged drug marijuana supplier) home in May 2011. Morehead described him as a supplier of marijuana to a number of individuals, ‘including a number of Kansas University basketball players from the 2010-2011 season,’ according to a transcript obtained by the Star.”

The article later states that Villeareal can be seen during game footage, sitting behind the KU bench, suggesting that he was given tickets in exchange for drugs.  If this is true, KU will have their hands full.  Not only will local prosecutors get involved, but you might expect to see some NCAA issued sanctions on the historic program.

College Basketball Players using Marijuana

The emergence of these alleged crimes give rise to a deeper issue.  According to the KCTV5 article, an anonymous survey showed that 20 percent of male college basketball players have smoked marijuana.  That’s one out of five kids.

The fact is that these athletes, whether they understand it or not, are role models.  Just like professional athletes, as soon as they get media attention, they’re looked up to by fans young and old. They must remember that actions speak much louder that words… on and off the court.

We all know that University of Kansas Basketball program is a historic institution in Lawrence, but this is not the kind of history that KU and our city of Lawrence want or need. KU students – athletes and non-athletes – need positive mentors and reminders of the dangers of illegal drug use – recreational or not. We need all of our coaches, professors and community members to encourage a drug-free campus and drug-free students. Our city and our school is in the spotlight each year. Our actions are seen by thousands. Even more reason to keep the KU campus and our community drug-free.

Check out the rest of the KCTV5 article here.

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