Jobs With the Highest Instances of Drug Abuse

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Some industries have to deal with a higher rate of employees struggling with addiction. These could be jobs that don’t necessarily take precautions, like doing drug testing, against addicts becoming employed or are jobs that lead to substance abuse through access to drugs or work-stress.

High Risk for Developing Addiction

Stressful professions are at the top of the list. Law enforcement, including police and correctional officers, have higher instances of stress and depression associated with their work, leading to substance abuse. Another industry at risk, that has easy access to drugs like painkillers, is healthcare. It’s estimated that 10-15 percent of nurses, anesthesiologists, pharmacists, and doctors will abuse drugs at one point in their career.

Industries with Highest Abuse Levels

Mining, construction, security and waste management are all professions with the highest rates of employee substance abuse. 10-20 percent of worker have had a substance use disorder in the past year. This could be because these jobs tend towards sporadic hours, low wages and poor workplace conditions and culture. These are also jobs that have high turn over rates and tend to need immediate hires and will forgo drug testing to get someone in right away, leading to safety risks.

Drug Testing

Any drug use on the job can cause an accident or other risks to your employees’ overall health and safety. If you notice any workers that are sluggish, overly exerted, absent a lot or are not meeting business standards, getting them drug tested should be your first step in making sure they are healthy enough to work. If they are not using drugs, this could mean they are just a bad employee that should be replaced anyway.

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