Job Offers Revoked for Prescribed Medications


Drug tests are routine for new employees and people usually know whether they will pass it or not. A growing number of people are getting job offers revoked because their tests are coming back positive, but given no chance to explain their situation.

Medications Causing Positive Tests

Many previously retired or injured individuals are getting back into the workforce and those in that demographic will often be on prescribed pain pills for any variety of conditions. A large amount of complaints have been lodged against businesses and drug testing companies over why they were revoked job offers and never asked about any medications they take. Legal medications associated with pain, anxiety or depression that can be abused will come up in 10-panel drug screenings.

Not Employers Problem

If you have a job offer, moved your house and family just to have an offer revoked based on a positive test for a legal medication, unfortunately there isn’t a lot you can do. Employers aren’t legally required to meet with you so you can explain your results. This can tend to be more common with large corporations that can just call the next person on the list to replace you.

What You Can Do

Be as upfront as possible, remember they cannot discriminate based on a medical disability that requires medication. If you are worried about a test coming back positive for a prescription but the testing site tells you they don’t want a list of your medications, contact your prospective employer or HR immediately and let them know.

This kind of offense isn’t worth getting a lawyer to sue, it’s better to just continue your job search and find a company that is more interested in employee welfare.

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