Is Lab Testing A Work-Related Activity?


On-site lab testing makes it a win-win to encourage employees to get drug and wellness testing while on company time.

Anyone who’s ever worked for “the man” … or really, even had a boss … knows the delicate balance between handling personal affairs while on work time. One article explains,

Employees have run into trouble with employers for not using company time for strictly work-related activities. In fact, some human resources experts go so far as to call misuse of company time theft. Although it’s difficult to account for how you spend every second and minute on the clock, you can make an earnest effort to use company time ethically.

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Some workplaces offer extreme flexibility – checking phone calls, texts, emails and social media… and running errands… do not pose a problem as long as work gets done.

In other offices – management does not permit employees to handle personal affairs while “on the clock.” Employees need to use lunch hour, breaks and before-and-after work times to address personal needs.

Including lab testing.

Can lab testing be performed while “on the clock?”

Typically, most employers consider drug testing “work related.” Employers send employees off to do urinalysis as part of the pre-screening process, or in compliance with the company’s drug-free workplace policy.

But now that healthcare is shifting and wellness is hitting the employer’s pocketbooks more than ever – even lab testing is intertwining with the employer and the workplace.

As workplace wellness evolves, employees’ blood work, cholesterol numbers, heart disease risk and other vitals are becoming workplace-related lab tests, too.

And the line between what tests need done outside of work, and what tests are considered “work-related,” becomes blurry.

A solution?  On-site testing and collection.

On-site lab testing comes to you

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City notices this dilemma forming for both employers and employees.

If employees are required or encouraged to undergo drug testing AND participate in wellness initiatives, it only makes sense to allow “work time” to be used for both.

But, employers may fret at the loss of productivity since implementing these measures is an effort to improve efficiency.

Our solution at Test Smartly Labs? We come to you.

Our on-site testing team solves the dilemma. Our trained collectors come to your workplace. We perform drug testing, wellness testing or any other lab test you need. Employees can stay on-site and in a matter of minutes, be back at their desk.

We think it’s a win-win-win.

Great for the employers. Great for the employees. And an honor for our lab collection team.

If you’re in Kansas City, contact any of our three Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City locations to arrange on-site lab testing for your workplace.

You won’t regret it.

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