Insurance discounts for drug-free workplace policies


Go “all in” and create a drug-free workplace

Say what? Yep – you read that right.

Drug Free Workplace Policies do not only keep you safer and more productive. They save you money, too.

Insurance discounts and drug testing policies vary by STATE. But here is a general overview for our two regions.

Missouri Drug-Free Workplace Incentives

First off – if you work under a federal contract or grant, this IS NOT OPTIONAL. This often includes state contracts, too. Your workplace must have drug-free workplace policies.

In the state of Missouri, you will need:

If you implement all of these five things, you may be eligible for a 5% discount on workers compensation premiums!

We’ve found the small investment of getting a drug-free workplace policy started pays off big time in the end.

Kansas Drug-Free Workplace Incentives

Sorry Kansas, the insurance discounts don’t work the same way in the Sunflower State. However, a drug-free workplace policy is still critical. Here’s why:

Drug and alcohol use among your employees can impact your workers compensation claims.

Kansas Denies benefits when an injury, disability or death was contributed to by the employee’s use or consumption of alcohol or drugs. It is conclusively presumed that the employee was impaired due to alcohol if it is shown that at the time of the injury the employee’s alcohol concentration was .04 or more.

Pretty good reason to make sure that your employees are free of drug and alcohol use.

But that’s not all – here is how drugs and alcohol will relate to unemployment insurance:

Kansas Denies unemployment benefits to employees who are discharged for misconduct related to drug or alcohol impairment.Chapter No. 33 (2005) Regards disqualification from receipt of benefits relating to dismissal, failure of pre-employment drug screen.

You will best protect yourself if you implement drug and alcohol screening in your pre-employment plans.

Help with Drug-Free Workplace in Missouri or Kansas

If you are in the Kansas City Metro area and need:

  • Assistance setting up a drug-free workplace
  • A drug and alcohol testing partner

… look no further.

Please give Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City a call… contact us at any of our three KC Metro locations.

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