Illegal Drug Use Leads to Higher Thoughts of Suicide: What Can Employers Do?

Employers, surely the mental and physical health of your employees — both on- and off-the-clock — is one of your highest concerns. So did you know that drug use can not only adversely affect a person physically, but also mentally?

A recent study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) concluded that adults who use illegal drugs have more thoughts of suicide than their non-using counterparts. Concluded from data collected in their 2012 National Survey on Drug Use and Health report, SAMHSA’s research reveals the very real impact of drug use on mental health.

Drug Use & Mental Health

Thoughts of Suicide Higher Among Drug Users

Kansas City | Illegal Drug Increases Thoughts of SuicideSAMHSA’s study shows that only 3.9% of the general adult population had serious thoughts about suicide. That number more that doubles among adult drug uses, clocking in at 9.4%.

Even more telling, the incidence of suicidal thoughts varies based on the type of illegal drug used. For example, 9.6% of adult marijuana users exhibited serious thoughts of suicide, while a jaw-dropping 20.9% of adults taking sedatives for non-medical purposes reported suicidal leanings.

What Can Employers Do to Curb Thoughts of Suicide Among Employees?

Along with developing effective workplace wellness programs and outlining methods for employee stress reduction, employers can also help prevent or lessen thoughts of suicide among their employees by conducting regular drug testing.

When you test your employees for illegal drug use, you not only help ensure the health and safety of your entire workplace, you also lay the foundation to get employees the help they need for their drug use. Sometimes, employees struggling with addiction and suicidal thoughts need support and encouragement before they pursue treatment. Workplace drug testing can be that first necessary push that shows drug users they have a problem and presents a solution.

Stop Drug Use Today.

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