How to introduce drug testing to your workplace

An employer is faced with many tough decisions, especially in this challenging economic time. One way in which employers keep their business afloat is to cut costs and expenditures. In order for a business to thrive, its employees must be sober and stable. The overall health and well being of all the employees is essential for the smooth operation of a company. If employees are under the influence of drugs or alcohol, they become liabilities for the company and increase costs for the company.

Consequences of employees who are substance abusers

  • Employees are the key representation of a company; if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol they become hazards both to themselves and other employees.
  • An employee, who is hurt or verbally abused by another coworker on drugs will have legal ground to sue the company for not providing a safe and drug-free working environment.
  • They may hurt the hard-earned reputation of a company. A bad image destroys the integrity and image of an organization.
  • Drug abusers are usually more expensive to insure, forcing a company to pay more money in worker’s compensation and health benefits.

Introducing drug testing at work legally

Drug testing at work is a fairly controversial issue in its own right. Some industries have strict policies for regularly enforced drug and alcohol testing. There are legal issues to consider — all drug testing policies must be initiated in accordance with the law.

In order to prevent employees from filing future lawsuits against a company or business, it is essential to first ensure that there is a carefully written legal policy that adheres to state laws.

The creation and communication of any drug testing policy must adhere to the law. It should clearly state the consequences of violating the terms of the policy. It is in the employer’s best interest to make these policies clear to all employees, whether the policy includes consistent or random drug testing.

health and safety employee drug testing policy

Implementing drug testing at work

Education is the best way to implement drug testing at work. Provide employees with the necessary resources and information. In order to promote a drug-free environment, there are several steps a company could take such as:

  • Hosting seminars and meetings that focus on drug and alcohol abuse.

  • Initiate a company-wide wellness program.

  • Teach employees what signs and behaviors to look for in people who are drug abusers.

Professional drug testing

To prevent inaccuracy, it is always best for employers to hire a professional drug testing company. All drug tests should be performed by the same collection facility. Test Smartly Labs works with companies and employers for businesses of all sizes. Contact Test Smartly Labs to learn about implementing professional drug testing at your workplace.

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