Hiding Spots: Where Employees Hide Drugs at Work

pens at work drug hiding spot

Drug users are creative.

If they want to find a way to keep their drugs with them at work, they will.

If you suspect that employees are using illegal substances or abusing substances, you should be aware that they might store them at your workplace.  As an employer, you’re responsible for maintaining a safe and productive workplace.

Be aware of some common drug hiding spots.

Common Drug Hiding Spots at the Workplace

Drug Hiding Spots at Work #1: Wallets

Wallets are personal items. They are rarely searched or even seen by others. Drug users can use secret compartments in their wallets or simply stash a small bag of drugs in the many folds of their wallets.

Drug Hiding Spots at Work #2: Writing Utensils

Drug users can easily find pens or highlighters designed to hide drugs. These utensils look real and usable, but they actually serve as a hiding spot for substances. A pen or standard highlighter would not draw any attention in a business setting. This tricky hiding spot is an especially dangerous one for the workplace.

Drug Hiding Spots at Work #3: Makeup Kits

A woman’s personal makeup bag is usually her private possession. If you have looked in a makeup kit lately, though, you’ll realize that there are multiple small compartments and tiny containers. This is the perfect spot to hide drugs. A lipstick tube or eyeshadow palette could easily hide pills or other substances.

Drug Hiding Spots at Work #4: Jewelry

 Jewelry is not the first place you’d expect to find drugs. However, many types of jewelry can be manipulated to stash small amounts of drugs. Employees can simply open up a charm on a bracelet or disassemble a jewel or attachment on a necklace.

Drug Hiding Spots at Work #5: Under a Desk

This may seem like the worst hiding spot. But, when you think about it, how many times do you look under a desk or table? Employees can tape a bag of drugs under the desk with little risk that someone will happen to peek beneath the surface or run their hand under the table top.

Are Your Employees Hiding Drugs at Work?

These hiding spots are just a few of the clever ways drug users bring their substances into the workplace. The drugs won’t be visible, and the signs of drug use aren’t always easy to see, either.

If your employees are using drugs on the job or hiding them at your workplace, it is time to take action. Test Smartly Labs works with all types of workplaces and employers to provide drug testing services. If you need to know who is using drugs, trust Test Smartly Labs to provide accurate workplace drug testing.

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