Enforcing & Maintaining a Drug-Free Workplace Policy


According to The National Federation of Independent Business, 77 percent of illicit drug users in the U.S. are employed. That’s almost 10 million people so, chances are, one of your employees is one of those users. Drug and alcohol abuse is frequently overlooked because once an employee passes a pre-employment drug test it ceases to concern anyone.

Educate Your Employees

Make sure that a policy is formally in your employee handbook and make sure your employees understand what it entails. Tell them this includes using alcohol or illicit substances while on the job and not prescribed medications. Train everyone, not just managers or supervisors, on how to recognize the signs of someone dealing with a drug or alcohol problem and how to report it properly.

Maintaining a Drug Free Workplace

Now is a great time to check your policy and drug test your employees, because it is nearing the end of the year. It will give you a set of data that can help revise or put into action new drug policies.

  • Create a policy
  • Educate employees
  • Train managers & supervisors
  • Drug testing
  • Assistance program

Your Company Allows Some Alcohol

Some businesses, especially small businesses, allow small amounts of controlled alcohol during a party or Friday happy hour in the office. Make sure employees aren’t taking advantage of a laid-back office environment, keep the parties to a once a month treat and keep a close eye on work productivity during these times.

Having an assistance program, or available information on referral, for those struggling with substance addiction is also a great policy to have in place. It will encourage those who need help to come forward and your other employees will see that you care about their well being.

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