What Can Employers Do to Encourage a Drug-Free Workplace?

If you’re an employer focused on the well-being of your employees, there are a few steps you can take. One step is implementing a drug-free program in your workplace. If you’re curious about how a drug-free program can help your office, let Test Smartly Labs give you some ideas!

The Benefits of a Drug-Free Program

Traditionally, a drug-free program at work has been put in place by employers who want to keep their employees from using or selling illegal drugs or overindulging outside of work. Some opponents to these programs argue that what an employee does outside of work is their own concern, but more workplaces have started a drug-free policy in an effort to keep their business running smoothly. Some other benefits of a drug-free workplace program include:

  • Demonstrating a genuine concern for the health and safety of your employees
  • Sending a strong message to employees that drug and alcohol abuse is not supported, which your non-abusing employees will appreciate
  • Maintaining productivity, positive relationships, and regular attendance by enforcing programs that prevent negative outside influences from taking over in the workplace
  • Preventing product loss if you work in an industry where products are easily stolen by abusers
  • Avoiding the impact that unhealthy lifestyles can have on a business’ insurance costs

There are many different ways in which a drug-free workplace can have a positive effect on your business. The next step is for you to decide what program best fits your company.

What Does a Drug-Free Workplace Program Look Like?

A successful comprehensive drug-free program needs strong leadership from company management to enforce the rules and encourage employees to fully participate. A great drug-free program also needs:

  • Education for employees on how to identify if someone is abusing drugs or alcohol by recognizing the signs
  • Clear policies posted in the office about what levels of disciplinary action will be taken if an employee’s habit is in violation of the drug-free policies
  • Involvement from every department from within the company
  • Training for employees on the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse
  • Reliable assistance and access to treatment programs for employees that have admitted they have a problem

Your workplace will be a more productive and comfortable place when employees understand the expectations and feel secure admitting if they have a problem. A pre-employment drug screening before a new employee hits the door will help set their career with your company off on the right foot!


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