More Employers Are Now Screening for Opioids

More people are becoming aware of the massive opioid epidemic spreading across the United States. As a direct result, more employers are beginning to test for prescription painkillers in light of the new Department of Transportation opioid testing law.

Opioid Testing For More than the DOT

Drug Testing by Non-DOT Companies

Plenty of jobs that are not regulated by the DOT are safety-sensitive. After learning about the new DOT regulations, employers with safety-sensitive positions are beginning to drug test for opioids as well. Employees who abuse opioids might injure themselves or others on the job, damage property, steal from employers or customers, be late or absent more often, perform poorly, or create morale problems.

Is Opioid Testing Legal?

Employees can be tested specifically for opioids as long as employers follow certain guidelines.

  • State drug testing laws must be followed;
  • A medical officer has to review positive test results to ensure that an employer is informed only of the use of a prescription drug that is illegal without a valid prescription. It is up to employees to coordinate communication between their physicians with the medical officer to show that they have prescriptions for drugs that show up in the test results.
  • Follow drug-free workplace policies to clarify which substances are prohibited.

Helping Employees Recover

Testing for illegal opioids will not only protect employees, employers, and their companies but it will also identify individuals who could benefit from employee assistance programs. Getting employees treatment through such programs is a great way to begin stemming the opioid problem within the workplace. However, some organizations don’t provide these services and a positive test without valid prescriptions will result in immediate termination.

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