Employers Benefit From Preventative Health Measures

Return on Investment is one of the most important pieces of a strong business and possibly the biggest ROI concern is employees. Unhealthy employees miss more work, costing companies money. The recommendation is to implement an employee health program to help keep employees healthy and working.

Costs of Prevention


Workplace preventive health initiatives are becoming increasingly popular as employers link good employee health with higher business performance. An investment in health can save a company more than it spends to manage it. as you can guess, the reduced productivity losses due to lower absenteeism lead to lower health care spending overall.


With federal health care tax incentives and grants available, US companies can use wellness programs to water down their enormous health care costs. If all aspects of a wellness program are implemented and maintained, employers can expect to see a return of more than $2 for every $1 invested. This can mean significant savings in health care costs if it means the prevention of catastrophic health issues that impact an employer’s direct costs and productivity.


It can be hard to calculate the exact cost savings on safety measures, as they can vary by company and industry. Safety and Health Magazine calculated that the average cost of a workplace injury, including employer costs and lost productivity, is an estimated $39k. Multiple data confirms that for every $1 invested in a safety program saves employers upwards of $6. Safety should be one of every employer’s primary concern. A little money spent on increased safety training and drug screening can result in more saved and made.

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