The Economics of Drug Testing

Sometimes, business owners realize the value of drug testing, but balk when it comes to the initial investment.

While it’s true that implementing a drug testing program will cost your company up front, in the long run, drug testing can save so much — and that’s not even including the non-financial impacts.

To show business owners the true value of implementing drug free policies, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City is sharing the economics of drug testing.

How Drug Testing Can Save You Money

Prevent Costly Accidents

According to the American Council For Drug Education, employees with substance abuse issues are 3 1/2 times more likely to be involved with on-site accidents. Even worse, they account for 40% of all fatalities in industrial companies. Workplace accidents are all around terrible for your employees and your business. Not only do employees have to recover from physical injuries, you will also feel the economic pain. Worker’s compensation claims are a direct cost to your business. You may even face legal action as a result of on-site accidents — and even if you win and don’t have to pay damages, hiring an attorney will cost you.

There are also indirect costs of accidents caused by substance use, such as hiring and training a replacement or repairing damaged property. A drug testing policy can mitigate the risks of on-site injuries, in turn lowering resulting costs. In addition to conducting post-accident drug testing, you should consider implementing a random drug testing or reasonable suspicion drug testing program, as these can prevent on-site accidents from occurring in the first place.

Lower Rates of TheftThe Economics of Drug Testing for Kansas City Businesses

Employees who have substance abuse issues can turn to stealing to fuel their drug habit. The National Drug-Free Workplace Alliance asserts that 80% of drug abusers have stolen from the workplace in order to support drug use. Data gathered from the national cocaine helpline shows that 18% of cocaine users reported stealing from co-workers. With regular drug testing in addition to your pre-employment screening you can help prevent this theft.

Reduce Sick Days & Unproductivity

Data from the American Council For Drug Education shows that workers with substance abuse issues are 10 times more likely to miss work than their peers. When your employees call in sick due to drug use, you lose an able body and mind — and this can affect your business’ ability to produce excellent products or services. Other employees might have to take on the “sick” co-workers load, leading to a drop in their work quality. As a result, you could lose business.

Even if an employee who has substance abuse issues does still come to work, you might have a case of “presenteeism” on your hands — when an employee attempts to work even though they are impaired. Substance abusers are 33% less productive than their peers, meaning they produce work more slowly (and inefficiency costs money!) or sloppily (again, potentially affecting your ability to keep customers or clients). In fact, in 2002 alone, employees with substance abuse issues cost American companies $128.6 billion due to lost productivity.

Cut Insurance Costs

On-site accidents can drive up insurance premiums, both medical and otherwise. Substance-abusing employees use up to twice the amount of medical benefits as other employees, and are responsible for health care costs totaling 3 times higher than the national average.

Many health insurance and property insurance companies offer discounts to businesses that conduct regular drug testing.

Lower Business Costs With Drug Testing by Test Smartly Labs

Think you can still get away without drug testing and simply fire substance abusers when their actions come to light? Not so fast. Replacing an employee can be time-consuming and costly — ranging from 25% to 200% of that employees’ annual salary.

Clearly, drug testing is your best option to ensure employee safety and save your business money. Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can help you design and conduct a workplace drug testing policy. Whether you are an industrial company in the Northland, a fleet company in need of DOT testing, or a small business, we provide comprehensive drug testing services in the Kansas City area.

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