E-Cigarettes & Lawrence KS

Starting July 1, electronic cigarettes will be off-limits to those under 18 years old in the state of Kansas. And while it makes sense that lawmakers are headed after keeping minors off of nicotine vaporizers, are they beneficial for employees? Are electronic cigarettes good or bad? While it seems to be somewhat of a “gray” area, here are some points from both sides of the argument that I’ve heard:

Pros of Electronic Cigarettes

The advocates of electronic cigarettes say there are many advantages to this alternative to tobacco cigarettes. Safer Smoke Supply is even near our Lawrence, KS location (out of Leavenworth) and says they’re extremely beneficial to smokers who are trying to kick the habit. They say:

  • Electronic cigarettes eliminate the risk of second-hand smoke.
  • Harmful toxins and carcinogens aren’t inhaled since there’s no flame and tobacco – just vapor
  • E-cigs reduce the risk of smoking-related cancers since tar and other chemicals are absent
  • They are a way to get people off cigarettes and onto a safer way of smoking.

Cons of Electronic Cigarettes

While there’s always people who advocate products, some people still aren’t a a fan of any form of smoking, even electronic cigarettes. Those who don’t encourage e-cigarettes say:

  • Some say nicotine addiction (even if inhaled via smoke vapors) is bad for you.
  • Some are leery that of e-cigs marketed to children or teens (in unique, fruity flavors) and unregulated by the FDA
  • Many smokers find their investment in an e-cig doesn’t end up helping them quit after all

Should You Advocate E-Cigs at your Office?

E-cigs continue to be a hot topic among the FDA and medical researchers. Opinions vary but one thing is clear: e-cigs are LESS harmful to the general population than traditional tobacco cigarettes. Even if it’s creating a safer environment for non-smokers, it’s a step toward progress.

It’s up to you and your employees to decide if e-cigs are good or bad… but one step toward a healthier, drug-free and smoke-free workplace seems to be a good direction to head.

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