Drug Use at Work Decreasing

Fewer Americans are testing positive for illegal substances, but use of prescription medication is up.

The results from a recent study reveal that drug use at work is on the decline, but prescription drug abuse at work may be on the rise. The Wall Street Journal reports the results from a recent study.

The study reviewed over 125 million urine drug tests that were administered during the last 25 years.business man prescription medicine drug use

Drug Use at Work: The Results

The first statistic that catches our eye reveals that fewer drug tests are showing up positive now than in years past. Last year 3.5% of samples came back positive, a sharp decline from the 13.6% positive samples in 1988.

With that much data, there are so many stats to share. Here are the trends that caught our attention:

  • Positive tests for amphetamines increased between 2002 and 2012
  • Positive results for painkillers increased between 2005 and 2012
  • Positive results for marijuana and cocaine have decreased

This mix in trends is intriguing, especially when you consider other studies. Several independent studies find that marijuana use has increased in recent years. It’s hard to say why these results conflict.

Investigating Drug Use at Your Workplace

Learning about the trends of drug use by workers across the country is definitely interesting, but it doesn’t give you an accurate picture of the drug use happening at your workplace.

To find the stats of drug use at your company, you can implement a drug testing policy that makes sense for your industry. You may need drug testing for pre-employment processes or after on-the-job accidents. Some companies implement random drug testing for employees. Your policy must comply with federal regulations.

If you want to learn how drug use at your workplace compares with the stats across the country, call Test Smartly Labs to learn more about drug testing for the workplace.

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