Drug testing employees? Consider testing their fingernails.

 fingernail-drug-testing-kansas-city.jpgWe want you to give special attention to your employees’ nails.

No, not because they got a manicure.

Fingernail drug testing is actually one of the most accurate ways to run a drug test on employees. While many of our clients stick with the traditional urine or hair drug testing, nail testing is actually gaining steam.

Here’s why nail testing is so popular.

No cheating the fingernail drug test.

Although our drug tests prove reliable, there are still attempts to cheat the urine tests and hair tests. Subjects try special drinks, pills, hair dyes and chemicals to “trick” our drug testers.

Nails, however, cannot be tampered. You cannot hide what lives in your nail bed.

Hiring a CEO? Consider a fingernail drug test.

Our nails work like our hair – they trap chemicals and particles traveling through our body. Including drugs.

For up to six months, nails may be the surest way to detect any and all drug use.

Hiring for a big position like Director or CEO? Make sure there’s no historical use of drugs before making the offer.

Fingernail drug testing gets in the thick of it.

Nail clippings are thicker than hair samples.

This means there are more layers to evaluate – layers that can trap drug particles. According to United States Drug Testing Laboratories,

The average hair is about 100 microns in diameter, while the average nail is about 400 microns in thickness. So a hair has a 50 microns of radius to diffuse drug & drug metabolites while a nail specimen offers up to 4-8’s the diffusion distance.

Fingernail drug testing saves face… and scalp.

Urine drug testing is common and accepted. But let’s face it – it’s invasive. There must be a better way.

In fingernail testing, the individual clips their nails in front of our trained collectors. It’s that simple.

Not only is fingernail testing non-invasive but it also saves the mane.

Hair testing takes a diameter-sized sample of hair each time a drug test is run. This can add up after awhile.

Fingernail drug testing Kansas City

Our team at Test Smartly Labs is a preferred drug and alcohol testing partner among many Kansas City Metro area businesses.

To inquire about our fingernail drug testing capabilities, please contact us at any of our three Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City locations.

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