Why You Should Drug Test Seasonal Employees

When summer rolls around, there are plenty of seasonal employment opportunities around Kansas City. From amusement park jobs at Worlds of Fun to camp counselor positions at any number of metro area day-camps to lifeguarding positions at neighborhood pools, chances are when you’re out enjoying yourself with your family this summer, you’re around seasonal employees.

Have you ever thought about whether these staff members are adequately screened for their positions, though?

While you may think of drug testing seasonal employees as an unnecessary expense due to the temporary nature of their jobs, drug testing seasonal employees actually offers several benefits that are well worth the cost.

Why to Drug Test Seasonal Employees

1. Drug Testing Reduces the Amount of On-site Accidents

While it is difficult to get statistics on how drug and alcohol use impacts workplace safety since not all workers are routinely tested, studies have shown that giving routine drug tests can significantly reduce the number of on-sight accidents. Seasonal employees who don’t use drugs are far less likely to come to work impaired and hurt themselves, others, or your equipment.
Though they’re only a short-term hiring solution, keep in mind that seasonal employees could negatively impact your workplace for the long run if they cause damage to your property or injure your customers or fellow coworkers.

2. Drug Testing Seasonal Employees Increases Children’s SafetyKansas City | Why Drug Test Seasonal Employees?

Many seasonal workers are employed in jobs that require them to work with children, including lifeguards, camp counselors, or theme park workers. By giving these seasonal employees drug tests, you’ll best ensure the safety of any children these workers will interact with. Plus, you can let parents and potential customers know that drug testing is part of your hiring process, giving them peace of mind. If your employees can’t pass routine drug tests, they should not be working around small children.

3. Drug Testing Seasonal Employees Can Help You Reduce Costs

Making your workplace a drug free zone can actually go a long way toward reducing your company’s expenses. Not only can providing proof of drug tests decrease your liability insurance and your health care costs, but it can also significantly reduce the chance that you will get sued because someone gets hurt on the job. This is particularly important in industries where your seasonal employees operate heavy machinery or are directly responsible for other people’s safety (i.e., lifeguards or theme park operators).

4. You’ll Attract Higher-Quality Workers

People who routinely use drugs generally try to avoid applying at companies that give drug tests to seasonal employees. Make drug testing mandatory, and word will spread, sending drug users elsewhere. This will give you a better chance of hiring serious candidates who you may want to hire again in the future or who you may eventually want to hire as full-time employees.

Pre-Employment Drug Testing for Seasonal Employees

If you’re hiring seasonal employees in Kansas City, partner with Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North for your drug testing needs. We can provide pre-employment drug testing so that you know your temporary staff is drug and alcohol free.

To learn more about our drug testing services in Kansas City’s Northland, contact us today or call (816) 399-4597!

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