Why Drug Test Employees After Vacation

As exciting as vacation is for people — and as beneficial it can be in terms of stress reduction and productivity — for employers, the week after employees return from vacation can be a real nightmare. This is especially true when employees overindulge by abusing substances and return to work in a drunken or drugged haze.

Drug testing after vacation eliminates some of the worry employers have about what their employees do recreationally.

With Memorial Day coming up and summer vacations on the horizon, here’s what Kansas City employers can do to prevent an employee’s vacation substance abuse from affecting your workplace.

Keep the Workplace Drug & Alcohol-Free After Vacations

Review Your Drug & Alcohol Policy

Instead of dreading vacation time for your employees, make sure they follow your drug and alcohol-free workplace policy. First, make sure you have an effective policy in place, including details on your drug and alcohol testing program; then, educate your employees on the policy and program by hosting a lunch and learn or information session.Drinking
Your employees will be much less likely to abuse alcohol or illegal drugs if they know that you’re employing drug and alcohol testing at the workplace. It may even help to go into specifics of the drugs that can be tested as well as windows of detection, so employees know that you can identify drug use even months later depending on the type of testing.

Conduct Random or Reasonable Suspicion Testing

We recommend conducting both random and reasonable suspicion drug testing in the summer when many employees are taking vacations. Though law prevents you from making every single vacationing employee submit a drug testing sample when they return, you can follow reasonable suspicion guidelines to test those employees exhibiting signs of drug or alcohol impairment.

You can also use random testing and there’s a chance that vacationing employees will be selected from the pool. Both of these forms of testing are excellent deterrents of drug use.

Detect Drug Use Months After the Vacation’s Over

Many employees may plan on using drugs during vacation but not realize that it can have long-term effects. Thanks to advanced drug testing methodologies like hair drug testing, it’s possible to detect drug use occurring up to 90 days previous — so even if an employee parties on vacation in July, they could still get busted if tested in October.

For employers, this can provide further peace of mind; for employees, it’s yet another deterrent against substance abuse.

Make Post-Vacation Relaxing, Too!

Let Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North serve as your drug and alcohol testing partner. We offer on-site and mobile collections for your convenience. With our random and reasonable suspicion testing, you’ll have fewer worries as your workers return from vacation.

To get started, contact us today at (816) 399-4597.


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