Common Synthetic Drugs


One popular synthetic drug, “Spice,” or fake pot.

Heads up, Lawrence – synthetic drugs are on the rise and chances are, with this college town, there’s definitely some usage going on. A report from the UN even says that synthetic drugs are the second-most used drugs in the world(second to pot) – beating out cocaine and heroine these days. And while we might focus our gaze toward the college campus at first, in all actuality, synthetic drug use could really be happening all over town.

What are Synthetic Drugs?

Synthetic drugs are sometimes known as the “legal” drugs… however not for long if state and national laws continue to form against them. They’re known as “fake” versions of traditional drugs, for example “fake pot,” yet they carry a greater risk than many traditional drugs. Synthetic drugs are sold on many shelves as “bath salts” and “pot-pourri” in hedge shops (look for the stores with hemp and pipes behind the counter.) While the EPA continues to try to outlaw synthetic drug compounds, manufacturers continue to find ways to produce and sell them in retail stores and online. It’s created widespread problems that are not getting any better. Teens and adults are winding up in the ER facing grave physical side effects from these extremely harmful synthetic drugs.

Become Familiar with Synthetic Drugs

If you’re an employer or parent and unfamiliar with synthetic drugs, here’s quick guide for what to keep on your radar. Know that these drugs are bad news – and there’s nothing “simple” or “harmless” about them. If you suspect your teen or employee is using synthetic drugs, get them drug tested for synthetics immediately. Just because they purchased the packet in the store or through a website doesn’t mean it’s safe. It’s actually very dangerous.

Common Synthetic Drugs

Here are some of the common names given to synthetic drugs.

For a great resource, view this list of the common synthetic drugs and their “nicknames.”

Synthetic Marijuana



Head Trip

White Rabbit

Red Dragon



Bath Salts

White Rush

Cloud 9

Ivory Wave

Testing for Synthetic Drugs in Kansas

Luckily, if you suspect use there are steps to take to uncover if synthetic drugs are being used. Our walk-in labs in Kansas City and Lawrence offer synthetic drug testing. If you’re at work, we can even come to you. Don’t take your chances with synthetic drugs. Take action today.


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