Should Your Workplace Have a Happy Hour?

There are a rising number of companies that have a relaxed company culture which tend to include some sort of drinking, like a cocktail hour. However, there is a fine line between encouraging professional social mingling and basically having a party. 

Fosters Employee Community

Creating an office happy hour, either in house or at a bar, gives your workers a relaxed, no-pressure, time to joke and converse naturally with one another. It’s also a great way for different departments to co-mingle, and perhaps network, in a comfortable manner. It can also discourage cliques from forming or office rumors.

Stay Sensitive to Employees

There is the possibility that someone in your office is a recovering alcoholic or currently struggles, as some people have the ability to function for a while as an alcoholic unbeknownst to anyone. You can encourage employees to participate in the social aspect without drinking alcohol.

Overdoing It

Getting drinks with coworkers can be a smart idea, maybe it will give employees a chance to bring up a tough topic or network a little. However, if you (as an employee) are prone to overdoing it, tend to get tipsy or drunk very quickly then this is a time when you might choose a non-alcoholic beverage. You don’t want to miss anything, but you really don’t want to make a fool out of yourself and potentially threaten your job.

If you believe your employees are abusing alcohol or your workplace happy hours, doing a random drug test would help you identify which employees to keep an eye on, talk to about their conduct or possibly find replacements for.

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