You Can Now Purchase Urine OTC

Synthetic urine that is. On August 3rd, the Kansas City Star published a piece about synthetic urine being sold all around the KC metro area. This synthetic urine is meant to be a cheat for employee drug tests, but this pee isn’t fooling anyone anymore. Continue reading “You Can Now Purchase Urine OTC” »

Drug Testing Cocktail Cheats: Employers Watch Out

People want to have it all, drugs and a job. While drug use outside of work is a debated topic, anyone who is going to great lengths to hide their habit won’t be the best choice of employee. So the prospective employee can’t afford any of the hoaxes online like detox shampoos or dyed hair to beat follicle drug testing, so what do they do? Look around the kitchen!

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Advantages to EtG Alcohol Testing

More and more, companies are realizing the importance of drug- and alcohol-free policies in the workplace.

Not only do these programs help cut down on worksite accidents and boost overall employee wellness, they can also save your company on liability insurance, medical costs, legal fees, and more.

However, it can be tricky to include an alcohol component in your zero tolerance policy because the human body processes alcohol so quickly. That’s why we recommend EtG alcohol testing to schools, judicial systems, rehab and alcohol treatment facilities, and businesses with zero tolerance alcohol policies.

Learn more about the benefits to EtG alcohol testing below!

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Beat the Cheat: Processes to Stop Common Drug Test Cheats

A  simple online search for “drug test cheats” will yield a lot of misinformation. Many individuals and companies out there claim to know ways to cheat employment drug tests, and they share their “knowledge” on forums, answer engines, and ecommerce sites pedaling their drug cheat products.

As an employer, the proliferation of these drug test cheats might worry you. But when you’re partnered with a trusted drug testing expert like Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North, you don’t need to worry about any cheats slipping under our radar.

How do we catch drug test cheats? Here are the details.

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Beat the Cheat: Drug Test Cheat Myths & “Cheat Cocktails”

As drug test providers and collection specialists for employees and individuals, we have encountered a number of drug test cheat myths over the years. From detox shampoos, shaved heads, or dyed hair to “beat” hair follicle drug testing to attempted sample swaps during urine drug tests, we know how to bust drug test cheats.

Still, there are countless drug test cheat myths that never seem to die — and although some are harmless (although gross), others can actually be dangerous to your health. In particular, the “cheat cocktails” that people drink in their drug cheat attempts are worrisome.

Here’s the low down on these supposed drug test cheat and why they don’t work.

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How to Use Instant Drug Tests

In our last post, we explained why instant drug tests aren’t named correctly — due to the high incidence of false negatives, false positives, and the issues of legality, these “tests” should really be used as instant drug screens.

What exactly do we mean by using an instant drug screen in your workplace drug testing? Here are our tips for using instant drug tests more effectively.

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The Downside to Instant Drug Tests

As an employer, you likely seek out solutions that combine time and cost-efficiency, plus convenience. It’s also key to make sure that all of your internal processes follow applicable laws — especially when it comes to your workplace drug testing.

If you have a drug testing program in place, you’ve probably heard of instant drug tests that seem ideal for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and random drug testing. But did you know that instant tests actually run the risk of weeding out people who are not abusing drugs?

At Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North, we advocate the use of instant drug tests as screening tools to be used in conjunction with further testing when necessary. Here’s why we see instant drug tests as instant drug screens.

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Nicotine Screening: What do you need to know?

Nicotine screening is a test used to detect the presence of tobacco in the body. Nicotine screening tests are commonly used by insurance companies to help determine premiums. Nicotine screening may also be used when a person enters a smoking cessation program. The testing determines compliance with the program. The testing is also used occasionally for court cases and before medical procedures.

Nicotine Screening Tests and Insurance Companies

Insurance companies use nicotine screening to check a prospect and to determine how much premium he or she will pay. A part of the Affordable Care Act dictates that insurance companies may charge smokers up to 50% more on their health premiums.

Nicotine Testing Methods

There are three ways to conduct nicotine screening. The most common is a urine test, which checks for the presence of cotinine, a byproduct of nicotine that is found in the body after exposure to nicotine. The other common test is the saliva test. The hair test has the ability to detect nicotine up to 90 days since the last exposure to nicotine. Each type of test is used for different reasons. Continue reading “Nicotine Screening: What do you need to know?” »

Anatomy of a Drug Test

Ever wonder how drug tests work? I mean think about it – you can eat or inhale something that will later show up in your urine. Doesn’t make a ton of sense unless you understand the chemistry behind drug use… and particularly marijuana. Let us explain.


How can something you smoke or eat end up in your pee? Read on to learn more.

From Weed to Peed (in a cup)

The journey of marijuana…

Step 1 – Trying the Drug

It doesn’t matter if you smoke marijuana or eat it in pot brownies, once marijuana has hit your lips (or your stomach), you’ve used the drug and the chemicals that come with it are in your body.

Step 2 – The drug is absorbed by the blood

When you smoke marijuana, the chemicals first go to your lungs. The main chemical is THC, which is extremely strong and fast-acting. Once the chemicals enter your lungs, they quickly go to the bloodstream. When you eat marijuana (for example, pot brownies), the chemicals first enter your stomach. Although it takes a little longer to enter the blood stream, the chemicals will eventually make it there. It’s said that this “high” actually lasts longer.

Step 3- Blood travels throughout your body

Once the chemicals are in your blood stream, they begin traveling all about your system. They quickly make it to the brain, which is why many experience fast impairment, short-term memory loss and more AKA the “high.”  However the brain isn’t the only place they travel.

Step 4 – Waste is excreted

Just like any chemical (drugs or not) that enters the body, THC circulates through all major organs once it’s in the blood stream. So the process of excreting any waste from your body also applies to chemicals from marijuana. The job of your kidneys is to process waste from the blood stream. While urine is mostly water, it’s also toxins, chemicals and dead blood cells from your body. So, the chemicals from marijuana will show up in your urine. If you’re receiving a hair test or fingernail drug test, chemicals show up because THC was in your blood stream. If you’re wearing a sweat patch, the chemicals will be excreted via your skin.

So – that’s a quick view of the journey of marijuana through your body, and why it shows up on drug tests.

Learn more about marijuana in the body here!

Or, need a drug test in Lawrence, KS? Call us.

DOT-Approved Bathrooms

If you’re in the transportation industry in Lawrence, KS you probably know all about DOT testing. If you employ individuals to drive your vehicles, you fall under regulations for DOT drug & alcohol testing. This program mandated by the federal government serves to protect drivers, employers, passengers and passersby. DOT testing involves following strict rules and regulations, with one of those being the restroom in which the urine sample is collected.

DOT-approved Single-Toilet Restrooms


DOT-approved restrooms require blue water in the toilet bowls.

It’s not enough to request a urine test from a job candidate or employee when you fall under DOT testing. The facility that collects the urine sample for the test must be compliant and follow DOT rules. One of those guidelines involves the actual restrooms themselves. Urine collection restrooms aren’t your ordinary restrooms. The DOT-approved restrooms are designed to avoid cheating the urine test by tampering with the sample.

DOT Restroom Guidelines

Our Lawrence, KS DOT-approved restrooms fall under the single toilet restroom guidelines. To be compliant by DOT guidelines, we’ve taken the following steps:

  • No water source in the restroom. The sink doesn’t work, and the toilet has blue water in it.
  • No soap. We don’t have any soap or cremes in the restroom.
  • No exit door. We don’t have any windows or exit doors in the collection restroom.
  • No trash cans or areas to stow away anything that could tamper with the sample.
  • Tape, lots of tape. We’ve taped our ceiling tiles, toilet tank, paper towel holders and any other areas that might be seen as “hiding” spots in the restroom. We check the tape before the test and immediately after the test.

In addition to the actual restroom itself, we always follow the DOT collection guidelines by:

  • Requesting a photo identification
  • Requiring the employee to remove any outer garments
  • Asking the individual to empty their pockets. If unwilling, we take alternative action
  • We do not allow any other employees to be present while collecting for the urine test
  • Employees must wash their hands before providing the urine test

As approved DOT-testing collection site, we have alternative actions we take if the individual is unwilling or suspected of tampering with the test.

It might seem extreme, but we understand how important it is to follow each DOT requirement step-by-step to guarantee accurate testing. It’s not just a procedure to follow, but in the end, it’s a life-saving requirement to which we gladly comply.