Teenage Employees? Celebrate Red Ribbon Week This October

Not only is it important for adult employees to be drug-free, but teen employees as well. This year, the theme of Red Ribbon Week is “Your Future is Key, So Start Drug-Free.” Staying drug-free as a teen and young adult is key to future success in being drug-free as an adult. This is only the beginning of pushing back against America’s drug epidemic. Continue reading “Teenage Employees? Celebrate Red Ribbon Week This October” »

Three Reasons You Need to Update Your Drug Testing Program Today

There are some things in life that will never change. Your workplace drug testing program shouldn’t be one of them. The drug testing program you used twenty, ten or even five years ago may no longer be adequate for your business’s drug testing needs today.

Here are three reasons you need to keep your drug testing program up to date.

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The Downside to Instant Drug Tests

As an employer, you likely seek out solutions that combine time and cost-efficiency, plus convenience. It’s also key to make sure that all of your internal processes follow applicable laws — especially when it comes to your workplace drug testing.

If you have a drug testing program in place, you’ve probably heard of instant drug tests that seem ideal for pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, post-accident, and random drug testing. But did you know that instant tests actually run the risk of weeding out people who are not abusing drugs?

At Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North, we advocate the use of instant drug tests as screening tools to be used in conjunction with further testing when necessary. Here’s why we see instant drug tests as instant drug screens.

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