Beat the Cheat: Processes to Stop Common Drug Test Cheats

A  simple online search for “drug test cheats” will yield a lot of misinformation. Many individuals and companies out there claim to know ways to cheat employment drug tests, and they share their “knowledge” on forums, answer engines, and ecommerce sites pedaling their drug cheat products.

As an employer, the proliferation of these drug test cheats might worry you. But when you’re partnered with a trusted drug testing expert like Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North, you don’t need to worry about any cheats slipping under our radar.

How do we catch drug test cheats? Here are the details.

How We Stop Common Drug Test Cheats

Faux Urine

One of the most common drug test cheats you hear of online or at the gas station are the fake urine kits. These packs come with a small bottle of fake urine, hand warmers, and a built-in temperature strip. The idea is that you sneak the fake urine into your test, then use the warmers to heat the synthetic urine to the appropriate temperature and submit it as your specimen. Sellers promise a quick, easy way to pass a urine drug test.

In reality, though, synthetic urine doesn’t pass the test. Since our urine drug tests are done as observed collections, we can tell when people are attempting to smuggle in the bottles containing fake urine. In addition, the color difference, lack of realistic odor, and temperature fluctuations alert the collectors to the attempted cheat.

Smuggled SpecimensKansas City | How to Stop Drug Test Cheats

Other times, drug test cheats come in the form of real urine that’s borrowed from a “clean” friend and then smuggled into the drug test. Again, it’s pretty easy for our collectors to catch these cheat attempts because test subjects fumble with their containers of choice, such as travel shampoo bottles, balloons or condoms filled with urine, and even baby bottles. People submitting specimens are inspected visually and patted down before they proceed. Sometimes, smuggled specimens can leak and leave evidence on a cheater’s clothes.

Even if the smuggle isn’t detected visually, our collectors can hear the difference between true urination and the sound of a borrowed specimen being dumped into the collection cup. Since hair drug testing is also an observed collection, with the drug test collector getting the specimen direct from the subject, borrowed hair can’t be submitted for testing.

Adulterated Samples

Some drug test cheat “experts” advocate smuggling in adulterants to treat your real urine after you submit a sample. Still others encourage drug test subjects to consume questionable substances to affect the content of their sample.

No matter how or when the urine adulterant is added, though, the outcome remains the same: our specimen collectors are trained to spot when samples have been tampered with or compromised, meaning altered specimens don’t often make it to the lab. Even if they do make it to the testing stage, our lab technicians have methods to test for bleach and other adulterants. If a sample has been altered, the drug test will be conducted again.Likewise, other adulterated specimens submitted, such as hair washed with so-called “detox shampoo,” can be detected in the lab. These substances can be washed away before testing, stopping the drug test cheat in its tracks!

Trusted Drug Testing, No Cheats Allowed!

When your business needs drug testing you can trust, Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can help. As we’ve outlined above, our trained drug test collectors and testers aren’t fooled by drug test cheats, meaning our results are reliable.

To learn more about all our drug testing options for businesses, call us today at (816) 399-4597.

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