Beat the Cheat: Drug Test Cheat Myths & “Cheat Cocktails”

As drug test providers and collection specialists for employees and individuals, we have encountered a number of drug test cheat myths over the years. From detox shampoos, shaved heads, or dyed hair to “beat” hair follicle drug testing to attempted sample swaps during urine drug tests, we know how to bust drug test cheats.

Still, there are countless drug test cheat myths that never seem to die — and although some are harmless (although gross), others can actually be dangerous to your health. In particular, the “cheat cocktails” that people drink in their drug cheat attempts are worrisome.

Here’s the low down on these supposed drug test cheat and why they don’t work.

Drug Test Cheat Cocktails


Drinking a lot of water is the least harmless of all these drug test cheats — but that doesn’t mean it will work. Excessive water consumption is rumored to help you beat a drug test for marijuana, but it’s not effective. This is because THC, the main compound found in cannabis, attaches to fat cells, which makes it difficult to disguise in a urine sample. When you drink excess water, you’ll merely dilute your urine sample and alert collectors to the fact that you’re attempting a drug test cheat.

Vinegar or Pickle JuiceKansas City | Drug Test Cheat Cheat Cocktails

Why would anyone drink straight vinegar or pickle juice? This is another drug test cheat cocktail that people theorize will flush drugs out of the system, or at least lower drug levels enough to warrant passing. But these two liquids have the same failure rate as water, and they’ll also make you dehydrated! Plus, who can stomach drinking either substance?

Internet Cleansing Products

There are plenty of websites that sell drug cleansing products intended to flush out your toxins and remove all drug traces from your system. Again, this is not effective when it comes to marijuana because THC stays in the fat cells for months. Thus, though these products may clean out your digestive system, they won’t make you clean for your drug test.


Some people even claim that drinking bleach will help you cheat a drug test. Not only is this information incorrect, it’s also incredibly dangerous. None of the substances in bleach binds to drugs or drug metabolites to mask them during a drug test. Drinking bleach can only harm you: it can lead to irritation or damage in your eyes, esophagus, nose, and throat, cause chest pains, shock, and decreased blood pressure, and can even prove fatal. Like all of the above cheat cocktails, bleach can’t help you beat a drug test, and shouldn’t be consumed.

Accurate Drug Testing in Kansas City

Worried you have employees who may try drug test cheats during your next workplace screening? Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North has the industry know-how to detect when drug cheats, such as the above cheat cocktails, are in use, and we always beat the cheat.

We can provide drug testing needs assessment, policy creation, management training, and drug collection and testing. To learn more about our drug testing services, call (816) 399-4597 today!

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