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Drug Free Worker Has Moved!

Thanks for your interest in reading our blog, Drug Free Worker!

We have migrated our blog and incorporated it with our main website, http://kansascity-north.arcpointlabs.com/. Please navigate to http://kansascity-north.arcpointlabs.com/drug-free-worker/ to read our latest posts and keep up-to-date with the latest on workplace drug testing!

Illicit Drug Use Up Among the US Workforce

Recent statistics suggest that more American workers are being exposed for illicit drug use. In fact, numbers suggest that the amount of people engaged in illicit drug use has risen over the last two years. This comes after statistics regarding illicit drug use had shown a decline for nearly 25 years.

Here’s what Kansas City employers need to know about the uptick in workplace drug use, courtesy of The Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index (DTI).

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Are Any of Your Employees Suffering From Adderall Addiction?

Adderall addiction is more common than most employers realize. For some people Adderall addiction begins with a legitimate need for the drug in their childhood and grows into a problem. Other people develop an Adderall addiction in their effort to remain competitive in the workplace.

Regardless, addiction can be the means of destroying a healthy, balanced lifestyle and wreaking havoc on your workplace.

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North is providing the details on employee Adderall use and addiction.

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2015 Trends in Employee Background Screening

As providers of drug and alcohol testing as well as other background screening services, it’s our job to stay on top of current screening trends. This allows us to best serve our clients and meet the Kansas City metro area’s needs for employee background screening. Continue reading “2015 Trends in Employee Background Screening” »

Why Drug Test Employees After Vacation

As exciting as vacation is for people — and as beneficial it can be in terms of stress reduction and productivity — for employers, the week after employees return from vacation can be a real nightmare. This is especially true when employees overindulge by abusing substances and return to work in a drunken or drugged haze.

Drug testing after vacation eliminates some of the worry employers have about what their employees do recreationally.

With Memorial Day coming up and summer vacations on the horizon, here’s what Kansas City employers can do to prevent an employee’s vacation substance abuse from affecting your workplace.

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5 Types of Organizations That Need Seasonal Drug Testing

The safety of your home, neighborhood, and workplace lies in your ability to trust other people to do the right thing. Where drugs and alcohol is concerned, it’s hard to tell who’s using and who’s not. Many substance abusers do well to hide their addictions. Others aren’t as lucky. Drugs and alcohol affect them outwardly. Continue reading “5 Types of Organizations That Need Seasonal Drug Testing” »

Prescription Drug Abuse Behind Increasing Death Rates Among Young White Women

Despite efforts by various advocacy groups, prescription drug abuse continues to rise. In fact, a study carried out by the Urban Institute recently found that prescription drug abuse may be responsible for a considerable increase in the death rate of white American women between the ages of 15 and 54.

The trend is so prevalent that it has been called the opioid epidemic. The CDC previously reported a 400% rise in deaths caused by prescription drug abuse since 1999.

Here’s what Kansas City employers need to know about this disturbing trend.

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Top 5 Seasonal Workers That Need Drug Testing

Not long ago employers didn’t make a practice of drug testing seasonal workers. However, drug testing is economical and mandatory testing makes sense because of the level of responsibility assumed by seasonal workers.

Remember, if you aren’t drug testing, word gets around — and you’ll be the one who ends up with substance abusers in your workforce, which means your employees are less safe and productive and you are more liable.

This drug testing policy doesn’t just apply to your full- or part-time workforce. This means seasonal employees, too. Here are five jobs for seasonal workers in which drug testing is particularly important.

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How Does the ADA Affect My Ability to Conduct Workplace Drug Testing?

Workplace drug testing is an important tool. It preserves a safer and more efficient work environment. In some cases, an effective workplace drug testing policy can literally save lives.

But workplace drug testing policies require time and care to implement. One factor that employers must consider is whether or not their workplace drug testing program complies with American Disability Act, or ADA, guidelines.
What is the ADA, and how does it impact your workplace drug testing? Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North shares what employers need to know.

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Primary Drivers for Drug Testing

Though employers wish otherwise, it seems that employee drug use is only on the rise. According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the number of full-time employed adult drug users increased to 8.9% in 2012, and in total, 67.9% of all drug users over 18 are employed full- or part-time.

Think it isn’t a problem in Kansas City? Consider some of the search terms that have lead people to our blog in the past month:

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“hiding drug use at work”

Drug users are in Kansas City, and they’re looking to hide their drug use from their employers. Simply put, you can’t afford not to be drug testing in this day and age.

In case you need some convincing, here are the primary drivers for drug testing that we’ve noticed as providers of workplace drug and alcohol testing.

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