Test Smartly Labs at the Lawrence Business Expo

Thank you to the Lawrence, KS community for welcoming us at the business expo yesterday! Our team had a great time meeting everyone who stopped by our table! We hope that you will think of Test Smartly Labs of Lawrence anytime you need drug testing, DNA testing or corporate wellness services! We are just a call away!


Thanks to everyone who stopped by our table at the Lawrence Business Expo!

Why Test Smartly Labs for Drug Testing?

It’s recommended that all businesses undergo drug testing for employees. It’s been documented that drug-free employees come to work more often, get sick less and have fewer accidents. Plus, they’re more productive. If you fall under DOT regulations, drug testing is required. Test Smartly Labs is a preferred drug testing partner among many businesses in Lawrence. Our facility is accredited by the Drug & Alcohol Testing Industry Association (DATIA) and we are a preferred collection site for Quest Diagnostics and network collection site for LabCorp. Our trained collectors follow all protocols to ensure that your test is accurate, reliable and confidential. Plus, our on-site or mobile team makes drug testing easy – we come to you.

Why Test Smartly Labs for DNA Testing?

Given the reasons DNA tests are often requested, there’s no other choice than to trust Test Smartly Labs of Lawrence. We’ve helped people with paternity tests, DNA tests for immigration paperwork, DNA tests to determine infidelity and more. Plus, we offer innovative tests like a safe prenatal DNA test that’s non-invasive and harmless to both mom and baby. We don’t recommend trusting an unknown online vendor for such an important piece of any puzzle. Work with a local lab that follows all required protocols and guarantees an accurate, reliable DNA test.

Why Test Smartly Labs for Corporate Wellness?

We understand – insurance is expensive. Not just for the employer, but for the employee too. And unfortunately, the situation is not getting any better. Test Smartly Labs of Lawrence wellness programs serve as a way to get lab work without the expensive price tag. Employees can request any blood test or health panel and pay just a one-time, affordable fee. Test Smartly Labs even offers corporate programs like an online portal that allows employees to track lab work results. We offer blood, saliva and urine tests as well as flu shots and immunizations.

Try Test Smartly Labs

If you’re in charge of HR or coordinating these services for your organization, give Test Smartly Labs a try. We guarantee we’ll make your life easier and that our systems and prices will fit like a glove.

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