Advantages to EtG Alcohol Testing

More and more, companies are realizing the importance of drug- and alcohol-free policies in the workplace.

Not only do these programs help cut down on worksite accidents and boost overall employee wellness, they can also save your company on liability insurance, medical costs, legal fees, and more.

However, it can be tricky to include an alcohol component in your zero tolerance policy because the human body processes alcohol so quickly. That’s why we recommend EtG alcohol testing to schools, judicial systems, rehab and alcohol treatment facilities, and businesses with zero tolerance alcohol policies.

Learn more about the benefits to EtG alcohol testing below!

Advantages of EtG Alcohol Testing

Reflects a Longer Period

Kansas City | Advantages to EtG Alcohol TestingStandard urine alcohol testing and breathalyzer tests can only detect recent alcohol use — meaning alcohol consumed within the past 24 hours. This is because our bodies process alcohol very rapidly, at the pace of about one alcoholic drink per hour.

The EtG alcohol test can detect alcohol consumption over a much longer period of time, though: up to 80 hours. This is because EtG alcohol testing measures the level of a special metabolite, ethyl glycuronide (EtG), that’s only created when alcohol is present in the bloodstream. As alcohol use increases, more EtG markers are found in the bloodstream, and they don’t disappear as quickly as the other markers of alcohol consumption measured in different tests. By looking at EtG levels in the bloodstream, this type of alcohol testing can reveal if your workers, family members, or patients have drank alcohol further back than 24 hours.

More Accurate Results

While traditional alcohol testing relies on ethanol alcohol levels that are undetectable after a short period, urine EtG alcohol testing measures EtG levels that don’t quickly fade. This means the results are more accurate than your typical alcohol test. In fact, EtG alcohol testing can be combined with EtS alcohol testing for even more accuracy.

You can also combine your EtG alcohol testing with a Medical Review Officer (MRO) service that will review your prescriptions to ensure you weren’t exposed to products or medications that could produce EtG or EtS positive test results.

Quick Turnaround

Once the specimen is collected, EtG alcohol testing is a relatively quick process. Expect to hear results within 2 – 3 days. At Test Smartly Labs, you can receive your results online, via fax, or through US mail. We aim to return reliable, confidential results to your business as soon as possible.

Get EtG Alcohol Testing in Kansas City’s Northland

Ready to try EtG alcohol testing at your North Kansas City business? Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North provides drug and alcohol testing services for Northland businesses and individuals, including EtG alcohol testing.

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