Four Advantages of On-Site Drug Testing Worth Considering

When you think of implementing a drug testing program at your workplace, you might balk at the logistics — sending employees or applicants out to a lab to have tests conducted can seem like a waste of company time and resources, even if you see the value in drug testing.

Sending your employees to a lab isn’t the only option for workplace drug testing, though. If you’re considering a workplace drug testing program, be sure to consider how on-site drug testing services would benefit your business.

Whether these tests are given routinely or rarely, on-site drug testing offers quite a few advantages. Here are four of them.

Why Opt for On-Site Drug Testing?

1. It Saves Employees TimeKansas City | Four Advantages of On-Site Drug Testing Worth Considering

Going to a separate location for a drug test takes time. This either reduces the amount of time that employees can spend with their families, or it reduces office productivity when employees have to leave work early. With on-site drug testing, however, little of the employees’ on- or off-the-clock time is wasted.

2. It is More Spontaneous

When employees know that they will have a drug-test at a certain time, they can abstain from using drugs right before the test, only to resume their drug-use immediately after the test is over. On-site drug testing allows employers to be more spontaneous with their random testing and to get more accurate results.

3. It Reduces the Likelihood of Tampering

When employees go get their own drug tests, they also have more time to devise ways to cheat the test or tamper with samples. As we’ve said before, drug test cheats don’t beat lab-based drug tests, but if your employee does adulterate their sample, the test will have to be performed again, which costs you money and wastes time. With on-site drug testing, however, employees are never given the chance to attempt tampering with their specimens.

4. It is Faster

When employees have to go to a drug-testing facility on their own time, it can take days or even weeks for everyone to find the time. By doing on-site drug testing, however, employees can get all the tests done in the same afternoon and get the results back much more quickly.

5. Quick Testing is Essential After an Accident

Lastly, accurate drug tests provide essential information after an accident — information that can be lost if employees have to travel to a separate facility to be tested. By testing employees right away with on-site drug testing services, employers will have the information they need to determine if drug use was a factor in an accident.

On-Site Drug Testing in Kansas City

Kansas City businesses that want to take advantage of the benefits of on-site drug testing should partner with Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North. We can provide quick, accurate results when your business needs them most. To learn more, call us today at (816) 399-4597.

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