A tobacco shop that’s not just a tobacco shop

Oh, synthetic drugs. My how we don’t like you.

News from across the state line hit Kansas City headlines a few months ago. A Platte City tobacco shop was busted for selling synthetic drugs. While the KC star article makes it seem like the shop didn’t initially appear to sell illegal products, what was stocked in the backroom was a whole different story. An undercover cop that bought K2 from the store uncovered all of the ways they made business … other than selling tobacco. The store is no longer in business and the owner, if convicted, faces up to seven years in prison.


Smoke shop wasn’t just selling tobacco – and got busted for supplying synthetic drugs to customers.

Synthetic Drugs are NOT Legal

Many people are confused about synthetic drugs. For one, are they legal or not? Synthetic drugs are NOT legal; however their initial entrance into the marketplace is what makes them confusing. Before the DEA realized what was happening, these drugs branded as “bath salts” or “fake pot” were sold on retail shelves. Over the past several years, law enforcement has cracked down on such activity and ruled it as illegal – however many manufactures continue to find ways to adapt their compounds and get away with production and selling, if not in stores – via online outlets. Despite what still may be considered “easy access” (in comparison to more traditional drugs), synthetic drugs are still illegal and extremely dangerous. As the KC Star article explains:

“Synthetic drugs like K-2 and bath salts are as dangerous – if not more dangerous – than other illegal drugs. And even though they have recently been sold in tobacco shops and convenience stores, no buyer or seller should operate under the illusion that they are legal.”Platte County Prosecuting Attorney Eric Zahnd

Read the full story about the Platte City Synthetic Drug bust.

Lessons from the tobacco shop

I’m not sure if the smoke shop had a natural target on their backs considering their business runs off of people’s smoking hobbies. Nonetheless, the owner obviously thought he could sneak in extra products and not get caught; just like some employees think they can sneak in recreational drug use while at work and not get caught. Nobody is immune to getting caught and after a while, drug use (or the sale of drugs) will be uncovered in likely and unlikely places.


  1. There is nothing safer or better about synthetic pot. That is a popular misconception stemming from the days it was legal. Look no farther than headlines of people eating their dogs, or an individuals face. These drugs are just as dangerous as other banned substances.

  2. It is scary to see how popular synthetic drugs have become so quickly. It is good to see that they are cracking down the their use and distribution quickly though.

  3. Storeowners who sell this stuff should have the book thrown at them. They need to be made an example of, to deter future business owners.

  4. These synthetic drugs are absolutely ridiculous. People joke around about the ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ starting when really this is a much more serious issue at hand than a silly joke. These drugs can do real harm to the body. They need to be controlled as much as possible!

  5. This is crazy how popular synthetic drugs became. I am so glad the they are banned. People were having bad reactions to this stuff.

  6. This is crazy stuff and definitely needs to be stopped as it is already out of control.

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