5 Types of Organizations That Need Seasonal Drug Testing

The safety of your home, neighborhood, and workplace lies in your ability to trust other people to do the right thing. Where drugs and alcohol is concerned, it’s hard to tell who’s using and who’s not. Many substance abusers do well to hide their addictions. Others aren’t as lucky. Drugs and alcohol affect them outwardly.

Drug testing identifies substance abusers among the seasonal workforce. You gain peace of mind knowing that the person you’ve left in charge of your children while you’re away is of sound mind and judgment. You don’t have to worry about coming home to a tragic event in the making because the lifeguard you deemed safe decided to drink or do drugs while on duty.Here are four types of organizations that need seasonal drug testing.

These Industries Need Seasonal Drug Testing

1. Subdivisions.

If you have a neighborhood pool, you need to test the lifeguards. As a property management group or neighborhood association, it will lower your liability in the event of an accident and also prevent potential tragedies. As a parent, you should insist that your neighborhood association uses drug testing to screen staff lifeguards. Don’t assume that this is already the practice — as third party drug testing providers, we too often hear subdivisions or private-owned pools say they can’t test their lifeguards because they’re worried they won’t be able to find enough drug-free candidates. We know this is not the case — there are qualified lifeguards out there who are unimpaired.

2. Parks and Recreation Departments.

Childcare providers, lifeguards, and day camp counselors are sometimes on staff in city parks and recreation departments. If you are in charge of HR for your local parks and rec, consider that drug testing your staff will be a major selling point to drive enrollment in summer camps, daycares, and pools or fitness centers. Also, taxpayers should be more supportive of these programs overall if the department shows concern for safety.

3. Country Clubs.

Most country clubs have pools requiring lifeguards — and again, whenever a customer’s safety is in your hands, it reduces your liability, prevents tragedy, and shows a commitment to safety.

Even if your workers are not in a safety-sensitive position, for servers and other Country Club employees, customer service is key. One customer’s bad experience due to employee impairment can hurt your Club’s reputation; you want to make sure employees are behaving properly. Seasonal drug testing safeguards you from the long list of liabilities substance abusers cause
by abusing drugs and alcohol and coming to work.

4. Lawn and Landscaping.

If you own this type of business, you might have a lot of applicants in the summer. They may operate dangerous and expensive equipment on a daily basis. Hiring someone with addiction issues is a lawsuit in the making. With seasonal drug testing, you can avoid legal issues, medical costs, and equipment replacement.

5. Construction/Roofing.

Contractors and construction or roofing crew heads should know that seasonal drug testing can help lower liability in the event of an accident. Make sure that any on-site injuries aren’t due to impairment, and lower the likelihood of accidents by hiring right in the first place.
If you are a homeowner placing your most expensive asset — your house and your property — into another person’s hands, be sure that you ask about drug testing; this also lowers your liability in the case of an accident as a property owner, plus prevents costly mistakes.

Want seasonal drug testing in Kansas City?

Seasonal drug testing is your safety net. It weeds out poor candidates from working in positions of liability and authority. If you want your community to remain safe from harm and tragedy, do your part and request that all seasonal employees submit a specimen for seasonal drug testing.

Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City North can be your partner in seasonal drug testing. Our on-site and mobile testing provides flexibility — we can come right to your pool, Country Club, or other KC metro location and provide quick results. As a third party provider, we protect you from claims of bias and can ensure that legally-prescribed medications aren’t affecting positive results.

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