3 Benefits of Background Checks

When the President’s twitter feed is full of pushes for background screening, you know it’s become a hot button issue.

While we hate and mourn the reasons that background screening is elevated to a national spotlight right now, we are pleased to see some of the benefits coming to light.

No, we don’t deal in background screening when it comes to purchasing fire arms. But, we do help businesses perform thorough background checks when it comes to hiring.

For some of the same reasons background screening is now a national issue, we second the benefits of knowing someone’s record.

Protect information

If you work in any industry regarding safety-sensitive information, we highly recommend background checks. You need to know the background on anyone handling money, credit card numbers, social security numbers, children … all of those things most precious to us. No doubt about it. You will need to decide what type of offenses you feel comfortable with – but at least seek out the information so you can make an informed decision. Check someone’s background before you entrust them with confidential data or lives.

Verify identity

Disguising yourself as someone else, or lying about credentials, is not just a plot for the stage or TV shows. People actually do lie on resumes and interviews. Before you make an offer, a background check can verify that you are hiring someone reliable and qualified.

Review drug and alcohol history

A history of substance abuse may appear on an applicant’s background check. Knowing the statistics of drug users in the workplace, we advise all employers to avoid hiring substance-abusing employees. Not only can hiring employees clear of substance abuse problems create more efficiency and productivity, but it may also save you from frequent drug testing down the line.

Need a background check in Kansas City?

These are just three of the benefits we find our clients experience when they undergo background checks in their hiring processes. Background screening is becoming a national issue for more reasons than one.

Make sure your workplace is safe and do what you can. Consider making background checks part of your hiring process today.

If you need a partner to take this job off your plate, please contact any of our three Test Smartly Labs of Kansas City locations.

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