Three Benefits of Pre-Employment Background Checks

In recent years, the news has been full of stories pushing for background check requirements for new employees. While we are saddened by the reasons why background screening is being elevated to the national spotlight, we are pleased to see the benefits of pre-employment background checks paying off.

While Test Smartly Labs doesn’t deal in background screening when it comes to purchasing firearms, we do help businesses perform thorough drug screening and background checks when it comes to hiring new employees. We agree that there are benefits to knowing a new employee’s record, especially considering the fact that background screens have become a national issue. Here are 3 reasons why a background check can be helpful for your business:

Protect Your Information

If your industry handles safety-sensitive information, we highly recommend a background check. It is vital for you to have a thorough understanding of anyone’s background who handles money, credit card numbers, social security numbers, children – everything that we hold dear. It is imperative that you decide what type of offenses you find to be acceptable and seek out all pertinent information in order to make an informed decision. Test Smartly Labs highly recommends checking someone’s background before you trust them with confidential data or precious lives.

Verify Their Identity

Before she was the Duchess of Sussex, Ms. Meghan Markle starred on Suits, a show that centered around a young man who conned his way into a successful law firm.  Television dramas are not the only stage where people disguise themselves as another person or lie about their credentials. There are still plenty of people who will give false information on their resumes and in interviews. Before you offer someone a job, verify their background so that you can be certain you are hiring a reliable and qualified individual.

Review All History with Drugs and Alcohol

If an applicant has a history of substance abuse, the record may appear on the background check. The number of drug users in the workplace is slowly rising. Test Smartly Labs advises all employers to avoid hiring employees that abuse drugs or alcohol, and to have strong drug-free policies in place. Hiring employees without current substance abuse problems can create a more efficient and productive environment, as well as protecting you from needing frequent drug tests down the line.

A history of substance abuse may appear on an applicant’s background check. Knowing the statistics of drug users in the workplace, we advise all employers to avoid hiring substance-abusing employees. Not only can hiring employees clear of substance abuse problems create more efficiency and productivity, but it may also save you from frequent drug testing down the line.


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